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How to Choose Paint Colors for Living Room

How to Choose Paint Colors for Living Room
Choosing the living room paint colors seems to be a herculean task. Read on to know some basic guidelines on how to choose paint colors for the living room.
DecorDezine Staff
Last Updated: Jul 17, 2018
Teal and Brown Family Room
Living room is a place to relax, listen to music, watch television, welcome guests, or have a chit-chat with family. It is one of the most versatile places in a house. The living room interior puts a good impression on the guests too. Furniture, windows, curtains, colors, etc., together decide the living room interior.
Interior with sofa. 3d illustration
Colors play an important role in home decor, both interior and exterior. The home exterior colors aim at giving an appealing look to the house from the outside, while the colors used in the interior mainly function for providing comfortable atmosphere and add style to the interior.
Green and orange lounge
There are a number of factors that should be considered before deciding the living room paint colors and a small mistake can make blunders in the living room decor. Here are some suggestions on paint colors for living room.
Choosing Living Room Paint Colors
Before you choose your living room paint colors, understand the science of colors and color psychology, as colors directly affect our moods and feelings. Colors on living room walls can make a room look large or small. So, the size and shape of the living room should be considered before finalizing the colors.
Groups of Colors
There are basically 3 groups of colors that are used for painting walls.
  • Warm colors
  • Cool colors
  • Muted colors
Warm colors include, red, yellow, and orange, while cool colors include, blue, green, and violet. Muted colors are nothing but colors with a tint of gray. Cool colors like blue make the room look larger and wider, and they develop the sense of calmness.
Avoid using too bright colors, since they can be irritating to the eyes. Choose the wall colors for living room so as to complement the other colors in the living room, like the color of furniture or the drapery. Usually colors of living room are chosen according to the color of the biggest furniture.
Living Room Color Schemes
Colorful Composition In Room
Then, decide the living room color scheme. The basic color schemes are:
  • Monochromatic
  • Complimentary
  • Triadic
Monochromatic color scheme uses shades of a single color, while complementary color scheme uses two different colors placed opposite to each other in the color wheel. Triadic color scheme, as the name suggests, uses three different colors (or their shades) that are placed consecutively or at equal distance in the color wheel.
Virtual Interior Painting
If you are not able to decide the paint color for living room just by looking at the color pallet then take a help of Virtual interior painting. It is a new method of visualizing how the colors chosen by you will look on the walls. This can surely clear all your doubts and you can make a final decision and choose the best living room paint colors.
Types of Paint Sheens
Simply choosing the paint colors for living room will not give you the required results. You also need to decide the type of paint sheen you will be using. Color paints come with various finishing touches and include satin finish, matte finish, gloss finish, velvet finish, etc.
Paints with flat and matte finish do not reflect light and look good on walls with less imperfections. While those with satin and gloss finish reflect a good amount of light. Each of these paint finishes has unique characteristics and you should choose the one that will satisfy your requirements.
Living room mansion home
So, these were some suggestions on choosing living room paint colors. If you cannot come up with any decision, it is recommended that you should consult an expert.