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Living Room Paint Colors for 2019

Living Room Paint Colors for 2019
Are you thinking of painting your living room but are not sure about the trending living room paint colors for 2019? Read on and you will know which paint colors are the latest, and trending!
DecorDezine Staff
Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019
Living Room
Most people are intimidated by the thought of choosing wall colors for the living room. So, they stick to off white, beige, or other such neutral colors. While there is nothing wrong in painting your living room with neutral colors, the fact is that these colors are not at all interesting.
Beautiful Modern Living Room Interior
This year, when you are repainting your interiors, why not opt for more eye-catching colors that are trendy and elegant. Your living room is the place where you spend most of your time at home, relaxing with friends and family.
Paint Colors for a Living Room 2019
So, the paint colors you choose for the living room should reflect your personality and style. At the same time they should be totally trendy and fashionable.
The best way to transform a dull living room is to paint it in bright and trendy colors. Let us take a look at some of the most popular paint colors for living rooms for the year 2019.
Living Room
Mushroom is the warm, grayish taupe earthy tone is shaping up to be a major trend iof 2019. It looks fresh, unique and natural. It looks great with natural furnishings and finishes.
Elegant Living Room
There are various shades of this color that you can incorporate in your living space like softer, cooler shade closer to beige. Whatever you choose, though, it will surely enhance your living space's elegance.
Contemporary Brown Living Room
Gray is one of the most elegant neutral shade which gives dramatic effect to your living room. This classic shade adds peace, comfort as well as glamour to your living space. For rooms without much natural light, pick a warm shade of gray. 
Living Room Full Of Decor Ideas
Using it with white, even the small area can appear more spacious. Gray can go well with any style from classic to modern to contemporary. You can go for any lighter or darker shade of gray to get more stylish living place.
Ivory White
Modern Living Room
Ivory white is a bit different from pure white, it is off-white that resembles ivory. This color gives a classy and sophisticated look to a living room. It fits both small and spacious rooms. Pair it with beige or brown to impart a cool ambiance.
Orange Interior
This is very popular among the citrus colors and a great option for living rooms. Orange when paired with gray or white, filling it with passion and warmth. You can also pair it with pea-green.
Lime Green
Green Interior
This year's paint color trends show that there is a growing craze of bright citrus colors in living room color schemes. One such citrus color is lime green. It works well with small living rooms that do not receive adequate sunlight. This color goes well with gray and white.
Cobalt Blue
Living Room Interior Design
The cobalt blue has a calming and tranquilizing effect. It is more suitable for large living rooms. It can be used in combination with white, icy blue, and slate blue colors. Avoid using cobalt for small living rooms as it can make it look congested.
Dark Green
Dark Green Living Room
One of the favorite living room colors of 2019 is dark green. This dark, moody color reflects nature. There are lots of shades of green for you to choose from. It can be used in combination with white, gray, muted orange, or yellow.
Green Living Room
This year is all about bright and cheerful paint colors that perk up the living room and give it a warm ambiance. If you are thinking of repainting your living room, then you should definitely give neutral color schemes a miss, and opt for brighter hues instead.