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Living Room Furniture Ideas

Mukta Gaikwad Dec 3, 2018
Living room furniture ideas are many, but choosing 'the one' out of those, is the trick. Create a living room that you've always dreamed of, with the ideas listed here.
Winter wants warmth, summer wishes for cool zephyrs, monsoon craves for sunlight, and the wishlist of your décor to change with changing seasons just continues. Just as we change clothes to match the varying temperatures and fashion trends, your home too needs to change its style of décor.
The living room, is the largest in the house and evidently, the first sight as you enter. This space, makes you feel at home, loved, and wanted, at once. The living room décor talks volumes, about the people residing in it. So, let's discuss some extraordinary living room furniture ideas.

Contemporary and Modern

A contemporary and modern living room calls for chrome and glass furniture, very modern in its style and color. There is no argument over that. The chic seating arrangement, needs contemporary furniture of sleek leather couches, to deck it up.
To give the living room a big effect, paint it snow white. The color not only makes the room look big, but also adds to the freshness. A delicate glass center table will match theme very well. The lampshades can be chrome or within the walls, in case you intend to go for indirect lighting.

Rustic and Nostalgic

Rustic living spaces, bring back the nostalgia of good old days. The sofas and couches have to be upholstered the old way. Paint the walls in warm earthy colors. Light up the room with wrought iron lampshades, or dark wall mounted lampshades.
For the curtains use heavy drapery fabric, hanging down from the wooden pelmets. A warm colored rug will be the perfect way of summing up the rustic and nostalgic look of your living room.

Country Style

The laid-back country styled living room is the one that none would ever want to leave. The point is to make the country dream come alive, in a city house. Go in for brown colored sofas with white lampshades on side tables.
Decorate your walls with wrought iron and wooden frames having unfinished looks. Let your walls remain plastered, as the red bricks will give your room a personalized and warm effect.

Evergreen and Ethnic

Ethnic décor never goes out of fashion. It speaks about boldness and sports confidence. Use a lot of fiery colors like red, bold greens, and deep purples with a blend of silver. A low seating arrangement of big pillows will go perfectly well with your ethic living room.
Use dark-colored curtains with sheer fabric in between to allow light. Rugs, are the most important in creating the ethic look. Bring out those hand-woven rugs which you were always scared to spoil. Have a center table at the eye level, when you are seated.
Be extremely careful, while buying wooden furniture, because it requires extreme care. Cane furniture looks casual and great for summers, you have to make sure it is always free from bugs. Metallic furniture leave marks on your flooring. So, ensure there is a buffer of rubber between the floor and the chair legs.
The next important item after furniture is curtain. Curtains complete the room, they can be a contrast of the wall color or a match, the choice is yours, but taking good care of them is your duty. Hope this information helps you to create the living space of your dreams!