Living Room Designs With a Fireplace

Sujata Iyer Dec 24, 2018
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Designing your living room with a fireplace in it can go disastrously wrong if you don't plan it out properly. Here are some ideas on how to design the perfect living room with a crackling fireplace.
A living room can be called the most important room in a home. It is the first room that guests visit, so it is obvious that decorating it should be taken seriously. Nobody wants to create a bad first impression, especially when it comes to their home.
You go to such pains, picking the right furniture, and then going back to the store to select the right curtains and drapes, only to realize, that you forgot the shade of the fireplace, sitting majestically at the center of your living room.
But here's the saving grace! Here are some fabulous designs for living rooms with fireplaces, that will definitely cheer you up. Check out these designs and ideas, and decide which one you'll incorporate in your home decorating endeavors.

Designing a Living Room with a Fireplace

The perfect living room is complete with proper placement of the furniture and other elements that complete it. Giving each element is due attention and space is what makes it the retreat that it is meant to be. Here are some simple, yet elegant design ideas that you can use to make sure yours is as wonderful in reality as you've imagined it in your head.

Leave it Alone

If you have a faux fireplace you can still make your living room look nice. The key is to just leave it alone. Yes, that's right. Move the focus of the room away from the fireplace, by leaving the space just empty, or by placing a gorgeous Oriental rug in front of it.
You can also have a huge flower vase, with fresh colorful flowers in it at all times, placed before it on a small table and keep the rest of the area empty. The very fact that there's nothing by it, will draw attention to it. So give it its due space and watch how it transforms into the center of everyone's attention.

Focus TV

If you want to go for something different, how about incorporating a little style within your living room by including your television in it too? You can mount a flat screen television, right above the fireplace.
Instead of having the sofa set facing the TV, you can have a couple of chairs facing the TV. But also have a sofa set and small table placed a little away from the fireplace, facing the opposite direction so that not everyone in the room is compelled to watch TV, They can just relax in the sitting area, and all those who want to watch TV can do so.

By the Book

If you have a lot of books, you can make your own little library in your living room. Align bookshelves to flank the fireplace. Use the same color of the mantel , or at least one that matches or contrasts it.
Don't try a mis-match. Keep that for another time and another place. Place a comfortable couch in front of the fireplace, so that one can simply pull out the book of his or her choice and lounge in front of the fireplace with it. It's easy, functional and looks great too.

Home Office

For all the workaholics, who take their work home with them every night, here's a great idea. Just because you're working at home, doesn't mean you can't do it in style.
Transform the fireplace area into your mini home office, by placing your work-table right before it. This way, when you work late at night, you'll have the rustling fire to keep you company. It adds a homey touch to your 'office' and you'll feel more comfortable working in such an environment.


Classics never go out of style. So decorating your fireplace area with the classic setting is the best thing to go for.
One of the best decorating ideas for a living room is using the fireplace as the center of attraction. The furniture, that is the sofa set and a coffee table can be placed right in front of the fireplace, on a warm rug, making the setting a cozy one, to spend a cold evening with a family. So go for this one and you'll never go wrong.
You may also want to take a look at these fireplace design ideas that you can integrate into the room to give it an inviting and cozy air about it.
So, now that you have some brilliant ideas to design your living room with a fireplace, make sure that it looks welcoming and feels comfortable to everyone in it. Make sure that room reflects you as a person. Follow the required safety norms, and celebrate a beautiful home!