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Living Room Colors

Stephen Rampur Dec 12, 2018
When it comes to choosing suitable colors for living room, you need to think on some very important aspects, such as the wall color matching the color of the furniture and the guests feeling welcome as they enter your house.
There are many people who get their home painted every few months because they do not think on the essentials that are to be considered before interior painting. If you want to decide on a color that you think will be suitable in the living room for all occasions, you have to consider some important aspects.
Choosing appropriate colors is a very confusing task nowadays, as there is a wide range of colors that can be used for painting. When it comes to choosing living room paint colors, the most important aspect that you should consider is how your guests will feel when they enter the room.
You should choose a good wall color, which will make the guests feel welcomed and relaxed. The color should not be too bright to the eyes, yet should be attractive to look at.
However, it is suggested to use light and neutral shades, that will make the room appear larger while also adding to the beauty of the room. Another aspect to be thought of is the color of the furniture. Whichever color you select for the walls, simply make sure that it goes well with the color of the floor and the furniture.
Do not use contrasting colors, as they will give the room a bad appearance. Mix two colors together to make a suitable color. You can even add particular accents to the focal points in the room's walls that the guests are most likely to see as soon as they enter the room.
Your decoration will have an considerable impact on the colors that you choose. It is better to choose colors that will look good with the decor of the room.

Suitable Colors for Living Room

The colors suitable to be applied on the living room walls are plenty; it all depends on your individual preferences and the factors mentioned here. If you are using a combination of two or more colors, see to it that they both look good when blended together. Blue and yellow can work well together for giving a classic country feel to your living room.
Use lighter colors, such as white, ecru, or any other pale or faint shades.The walls will look attractive if bolder and vibrant colors are used as accents. You can also use a dark shade as a primary color on the wall, and then add up accents using faint colors. This will create more of a sophisticated feel.
For choosing good colors, you can visit your nearby home improvement store, which will have a color combination sheet. You can refer to the sheet to choose the right wall color.
In order to test if you have chosen the appropriate color, you can purchase some amount of the chosen paint from the shop, paint a sheet of cardboard, and place it against the walls at different times of the day. This will make you realize how the wall looks with that particular color.
Try out different colors and their shades available in the market, and use your creativity. You will certainly come up with a good choice of living room colors, which you will never regret.