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Leather Furniture Dye

Leather Furniture Dye

Dyeing your leather furniture is a great idea to brighten your entire home decor. It will make the ambience more attractive, and make it easier to maintain the furniture. Here is the procedure that you can follow to use leather furniture dye.
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Leather Furniture
Dyeing leather is a commonly used technique to hide the imperfections on its surface. Dyeing the leather to change its existing color and giving it a new look is also a popular idea. There are various colors and types of dyes available in the market from which you can choose one according to your choice. Damaged or old furniture can be instantly spiced up with a leather furniture dye. However, remember that choosing the right one is the primary criteria of this exercise. Checking the various brand reviews online is definitely helpful in picking the right product, which will be safe to be used on any of your leather goods. Choosing the perfect shade is also an important task. Many times, people opt for two colors and combine them to form the desired shade.


Step 1
Start the procedure by preparing the leather surface. You will have to basically remove the existing finish, and clean it to get rid of dirt and oil. You can buy a leather deglazer for this task and rub a cloth soaked in the same on your furniture. Application of this will ensure that the process is done perfectly and the entire exercise gives you the best results. Now, let the surface dry.

Step 2
If there are any cracks or scuff marks on the surface, sand them using a fine sandpaper. Now dampen this damaged area with a wet sponge. Get a neutral colored dye and apply a coat of this to cover the damage. You can opt for a beige, buff, or white colored leather furniture dye for this purpose. You can instead prime this surface with a sealer. Leave it for drying.

Step 3
Evenly wet the surface using a water spray or a wet sponge. Start applying the dye using a soft bristle brush. Use long, gentle strokes. Do not overlap the strokes to ensure a plain look. Let this coat dry completely before you go for next coat. Remember to use two light colored coats instead of a single deep colored coat. Two coats will ensure that the entire surface is covered properly. Don't be eager, drying is an important part of the procedure for getting that even look.

Step 4
Take a soft cloth and buff the surface. Now take a finishing compound and spray it evenly over the surface. These finishes are ready to use and come in spray bottles. Spraying it is the best way of application so as to get an even look. Now, the job is done!

Always remember that using the same color on different types of leather will give different results. So be careful while using the dyes. Taking a patch test is always a smart idea for such projects. While choosing the color, experimenting with various shades matching with the rest of the home decor is a great idea.
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