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Laundry Rooms: Designs and Decorating Ideas

Parun Pereira Nov 28, 2018
A laundry room may look haphazard if not designed or arranged properly. Here are some ideas for designing and decorating your laundry room.
Most times laundry rooms are ignored because they are either located in dingy corners, basements, or just next to the garage. A well-designed laundry area will ensure that it looks neat and spacious. Although decorating depends entirely on the available space, relatively small laundry areas can be made to look beautiful with some creativity and flair.

Space Usage

Depending upon the size of the room, it is important to use the available space constructively. The washer or dryer needs to be located conveniently in the room and should be easily accessible to all the members of the family.
See to it that you don't use a very large dryer or washing machine as this would make the place look congested.

Storage Area

Storage area in a laundry room is very important as all the clothes that need to be washed are kept in there. With bigger laundry rooms, you can utilize the space and have storage cabinets, whereas you can go in for storage bins for smaller rooms.
Clothes that lie strewn all over the place make the laundry area look shabby. Hence, the presence of storage bins or cabinets ensures that the area looks neat and tidy.


Although the laundry area is seldom seen or used by the guests visiting your place, it doesn't mean that you neglect the decor in the area. You can feel free to decorate the room in a variety of styles.
Choose a bright water-resistant paint for the walls, or opt for high quality wallpaper that can be used to enhance the look of the area. You can make neat little covers that protect the dryers and washers from dust whenever you're out on a long holiday. Take care to see that the electricity plugs are located at a sufficient height away from splashing water.

Ironing Area

Even though some laundry areas in homes have sufficient space, they don't have a specific place for ironing clothes. It makes sense to iron your dry clothes in the laundry room, rather than occupy space in other rooms.


If your room has a window and adequate sunlight, it would be wise to use a mix of natural and artificial lighting. You can choose the lights in accordance with the colors of your walls.
You can use a ceiling light fixture to provide uniform lighting to all parts of the room. Although you don't need to spend a fortune on lighting, it should be sufficient enough to help you perform your daily tasks with ease.

Hanging Area

Although dryers are time savers, there are quite a few clothes that require drip-drying. Even with a dryer, it is important that you have hanging rods located near the areas with a floor drain. While drip-drying certain clothes, the use of plastic hangers is a great option.
Apart from the above, you can implement your own ideas to enhance the look of your laundry area. Never leave it messy or ignore its look just because it is the one room where guests would never enter.