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Laundry Room Design

Mamta Mule Dec 14, 2018
Here are some of the best laundry room design ideas. These will help you smartly utilize the available space with a well-planned laundry area, and make it a pleasure to work in this area.
The laundry room is probably a commonly ignored and highly used area of your home. Having it in a neat and organized condition is a scene one might hardly see. This is quite natural with the number of fabrics to be washed and ironed lying there.
How about having a well-organized and designed laundry? This is something one doesn't think of much often. Here are some laundry room design ideas that will definitely help.

Planning the Essentials

Planning includes the utilities like a sink area, washing machine, clothing dryer, ironing station, and storage units. The plumbing with the basic hot and cold water lines, drain arrangement, and the electricity supply points are the primary elements.

Room Color

A laundry room won't be visited by the guests, so you can have this colored in your favorite colors. You can play with vibrant shades while painting this. Opt for classic combos like violet and white, maroon and beige, off-white and dark brown color.
Yellow and green, pink and blue, blue and gray, black and silver, are some lively color combinations that you can use to jazz up this area. If the room has ample natural light coming in, dark colors can look great. You can have some decorative light fixtures as well to keep it bright.

Storage Cabinets

Storage needs to be done with careful planning and after considering the available area. Firstly place the necessary equipment in the room and then decide how to use rest of the area.
An idea to smarten up the place is by stacking the front load washer and dryer in a built-in shelving storage unit which will be tucked into the wall. This will save the floor space and leave a lot of room for moving around.
Using multipurpose storage units is a good idea. Have a folding ironing board, attached to the wall, which can be opened whenever required and a drop-down drying rack. Do not have the cabinets at a very high level. Consider the various material options for the cabinets, and match them with the wall or equipment.

Useful Counters

Counters are also important part of the design. These are required to fold cloths, place the sewing machine, iron cloths, etc. One of the laundry room ideas is that you can have cabinets below a counter with well-planned drawers and shelves.
Choosing the right material for the counter that will not be affected due to heat or chemicals is important. It should also be easy to clean. Try to keep the counter and appliances in a way that the natural light falls on them.

Smart Ideas

If the room initially did not have a sink, consider having a large bowl for soaking items. Have some baskets placed around and name them to keep the dark and white clothes sorted. Keep a small box to place the small things like buttons and other decorative pieces.
Consider having hooks or rods for hanging ironed clothes. Also have a chair or stool where you can rest. You can use patches from old clothes to spice up the walls. You can also stick a poster of laundry symbols and what they mean near the washing machine. Hanging plants can also give a cool look to the area.
Just check out the tools available on various websites that help you create a room full of accessories, color coordinated walls, furnishings, and cabinets to have an idea of how the final design will look. What's more, some also offer the price quotation for designing the room in this way. So get started and have a perfect laundry area.