Jaw-dropping Large Wall Decorating Ideas That are Simply Timeless

Large Wall Decorating Ideas
If staring at the large wall in your living room makes you feel like you are looking at the vacant spot in your personality, following are some ideas which you may find interesting and thought-provoking to decorate that wall.
DecorDezine Staff
Last Updated: Jun 6, 2018
Colorful cushions near an empty wall
After moving into a new place, you find an empty wall staring back at you, begging you to do something constructive about it.
Wall decor
If you have a large wall, you can use expressive decorating ideas for a living room such as putting large alphabets made out of vinyl, wood or metal. They will remind you of your goals, your motto or a thought that has guided you thus far every time you look at that wall.
Beautiful Interior With Sofa
Large wall hangings, in form of landscapes or portraits will definitely cost you dearly and you will need special lighting to illuminate them.
Whether to divide the wall in four imaginary parts and decorate it with four contrasting wall murals or tapestries, or to make do with the decals or stencils is a dilemma that you need to solve.
White wall
Wall with rectangular planks as shelves can offer plenty of room for the trophies you have won, your collection of books you love to read or the decorative items such as lamps, photographs, etc. that look fabulous!
Modern Shelf
Books or trophies on the wallmounted wooden planks used as shelves certainly attract the attention of a visitor.
Bookshelves With Books Inside
If you like to experiment with the materials, you may try using thick glass sheets instead of wood planks for making shelf.
Minimalist Bookshelf
How about putting them in 'V' shape? This will divide the wall in three parts, upper, 'V' and the lower part. You can also put them in an inverted 'V' shape, with the plank, largest in length at the bottom and smallest length at the top. While choosing the color and lighting, take into account the color of the wood planks, and texture.
Pink room
Stickers are easy to work with. You don't have to spend much time. You can replace it if you want to, without draining your pocket. Here is an example: Kids' room decorated with neon concentric circle-shaped stickers.
Colorful wall
Choosing stickers is not as easy a task as it appears. Pay attention to the colors and the subject of the stickers. Consider the overall effect they would create, when used alltogether at a time to decorate the wall. Be very choosy with the number of stickers, you want to use.
You can use curvaceous mirrors covering the wall as a decorative item especially if you want to have an artifact constantly keeping an eye on you. The mirror will remind you about your goals every time you look into it.
While installing the mirrors, be careful about their position and the light falling on them. The light reflected by them should not be bothersome to you. Also, by strategically positioning them; you can make the room seem more spacious than it actually is!.
Other Ideas
Minimalist Empty Living Room
~ If the wall has door set in it, use molding around it which will serve your purpose of decorating the wall.
~ Use low and wider cabinet that stretches from end to end
~ Glue or hang panoramic views on the wall
Plant and Lamp in an Interior
~ Making some room for a plant on the cabinet will serve purpose of distracting the attention of your visitors from the largeness of the wall to something specific.
~ Use different color schemes to paint your wall. Also, paint different geometrical patterns on the wall.
Nice Design Chair With Shelf
Large wall decorating ideas are plenty, choosing and executing 'one' that will merge with the rest of the interior design of your room is a challenge.