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Types of Floor Pillows That Will Turn Your House from Good to Wow

Types of Floor Pillows
There are various types of pillows available in the market. They not only suffice your need to rest on them, but also helps in adding starts to your living room or bedroom. In short, floor pillows are a great addition as decorative accessories to your home.
DecorDezine Staff
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Floor pillows are nothing but large-sized cushions that can be placed on the floor directly, to add extra seating, anywhere in the house. These pillows come in various sizes, shapes, and have decorative designs on them, which provide a very stylish inclusion in interior decorating. They are usually as large as sofa cushions and sometimes, can also be used as both, if required.
The versatility of their colors and patterns, introduces a wide range of choices that match the interiors and exteriors of a home. Large floor pillows are a great hit when added to kids' bedrooms, depending on their bright colors, unique shapes, and bold patterns.
Big Decorative Pillows
heart shaped pillow
Heart-shaped Pillow
star shaped pillow
Star-shaped Pillow
square shaped pillow
Square Pillows
These pillows are available in sizes that add up to 3-6-ft tall, in various shapes like square, circular, rectangular, star-shaped, etc., and in absolutely any desired color and design. You will also find expensive and cheap decorative pillows made of a variety of fabrics, where you can also pick an attractive cover for them, instead. The pillows can also be a home for your little pet, as they are soft and comfortable, offering peaceful sleep.
Pouf Pillows
A pouf is a round, flat pillow, that sometimes may have considerable height. There are many designs and ideas included in these poufs, as well, depending on the type of look you want them to add to your interiors. These pillows are also prepared from cheap and expensive fabrics like velvet, suede, leather, etc., with designer covers available, too.
flat pouf
Flat Pouf
heightened pouf
Heightened Pouf
Poufs add a very unique touch of style and elegance to home furniture like the living room, bedrooms, and even patios. They are extremely comfortable and are a good seating arrangement for people with back problems, as you tend to sit in an erect posture. These can be used by kids and are also found in different colors, patterns, and designs, like traditional, modern, and contemporary, promising any desired look to a setting.
Square Pillows
These pillows are a commonly used kind of seat, as they are large enough to accommodate an entire person, and are very comfortable even to lie on. They are square or sometimes rectangular in shape, and may or may not have additional height. These pillows are also used as sofa cushions by choice, as they look very attractive when placed on wooden sofa sets, in particular. They too, are made from various types of material like leather and fabric, which can be paired with the look of a room.
rectangular pillow
Rectangular Pillows
colorful pillow
Colorful Square Pillows
Because of their weight and volume, you can simply just place them on the carpet, and relax for as long as you want. These pillows are easy to make on your own, using the right kind of filling and fabric. They can also be used as loungers on a pool deck, or simply on recliners placed in the garden.