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Lamp Shades

Lamp Shades
Beautifully decorated lamp shades make the place where they are kept bright and cheerful. Read on to learn about how to select the right one for your home.
Madhavi Ghare
Lamp shades are basically designed to cover the hardware around the light fixtures, and to prevent the glaring light from hurting your eyes. They provide an excellent cover around the light fixtures, and thus, ensure the way the light is distributed. Following are the main points to consider while buying lamp shades:
  • Shape of the Base:
    A square lamp base will need a square lamp shade, and a circular base would need a circular one. At the same time, it is equally important to check how the lamp shade fits and suits the base. If possible, check out the effect of the lamp shade with the light on as well as off. This way, you will get an even better idea of whether it suits you.
  • Décor of the Room:
    If the room is not too big, then a small lamp shade will do the trick. If the room is decorated in a particular theme, then it would be best if the lamp shade keeps to that theme. You will find a variety in the market which will suit the theme of the room, be it antique, glass-made, silk, hand-painted, paper-made, and so on.
  • Placement of Lamp Base:
    If the lamp base is going to be placed on the floor, then perhaps you need to look for a floor lamp shade, while if it is going to be on the ceiling, then you need to look at a chandelier-type lamp shade.
  • Purpose:
    Consider the purpose of having a light fixture at a particular place in your room. Is it there because you sit and read in that chair, or because that is the table where you work, or to provide ambient light, or just to make the room look good? The lamp shade must be chosen in accordance with the purpose it is meant to serve.
  • As a Reading Light:
    If the light fixtures have been placed there so that you can read or work, then it must provide sufficiently bright light without hurting your eyes. It should be able to provide directed light to your book or desk. To do that, the bottom of the lamp shade should be at shoulder height while you sit at the table or the sofa.
  • As Ambient Light Source:
    If the lamp shade is serving the purpose of providing ambient light or to make your room look good, then you need to find one that matches your room décor and your lamp base at the same time. The base should be placed in such a way that when the lamp shade is fitted on it, the light will get reflected and provide suitable ambient lighting.
  • Color and Shape:
    Color and shape of the lamp shade should match that of the base. Normally, if the lamp base is bottom-heavy, it can be made to look lighter by using a cone-shaped lamp shade. The design can also make a vast difference, and it is vital that the color goes with the base and the room décor. Fabric for the lamp shade should also be carefully selected, as this can help you create an amazing effect.

The main point to remember while buying a lamp shade is to go with what you feel is right for your home. Because at the end of the day, you should like it!
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