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Laminate Floor Installation Instructions

Common Yet Essential Laminate Floor Installation Instructions

Laminate flooring is an inexpensive flooring option, and installing it is a quite easy task. Read on to know more...
Aarti R
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2019
The type of laminate floor you have used will decide the installation procedure. There are two types, viz. glued and glue-less. In the former, glue is applied to the underside of the flooring during the manufacturing process. Glue-less laminate flooring is locked with a snap and lock system.
Common Instructions
Prepare the Floor
Empty Room
The foremost step for installing laminate flooring is to remove the existing carpet. The floor must be clean and dry. The flooring is to be locked together over the floor. The sub-floor must be leveled flat.
Decide the Direction of Laminate Planks
Beautiful Woman Puts Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring is installed in a direction parallel to the incoming source of sunlight in the room. In narrow rooms, the floor must be parallel to the longest wall.
Initially, the moisture tests recommended by the manufacturer must be performed. For some types of sub-flooring, add the plastic, foam, or cork sheets before installing the laminate floor.
Glue-less Laminate Flooring
This type of flooring is installed with a snap-and-lock system.
Step 1
The first row of the floor should be carefully installed. The first row must be started from the longest wall of the room. Measure the length of the longest wall and mark it with a chalk.
Step 2
The first row is laid with the grooves facing the wall. After laying, do not lock them instantly. First, make sure that the first row is straight, and add spacers between the wall and the flooring. Once it is placed properly, lock the planks to each other. The flooring must be laid in a uniform level.
Step 3
Then install the remaining rows as you have installed the first one. This, time you will not have to align the laminate planks, as they will come in reference with the first row.
Step 4
The last row is laid with the tongue (part that is cut) of the floor facing the wall, so that the extra material can be cut.
Glued Laminate Flooring
For the pre-glued variety, you have to apply water on the underside to activate the glue.
Step 1
The first row is laid along the longest wall of the floor. Do not glue them immediately. First check whether the flooring is in a straight line or not, and add spacers between the wall and the flooring.
Step 2
Now that you are satisfied with the first line, activate the glue by applying water to the underside of the floor. Paste it properly, and wipe the excess glue.
Step 3
Start with the main flooring by taking the reference of the first row. The adhesive is activated with water, and the flooring is positioned on the sub-floor. Wherever spacers are needed, they are added between the flooring and the walls of the room.
Step 4
The last row is installed with the tongue of the laminate plank facing the walls. The last row must be installed with due care in order to install it in a straight line.
The floor must be covered with a silicone sealant to protect the flooring. This coating is usually applied to the places where the flooring is prone to moisture.