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Knotty Pine Paneling

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Dec 14, 2018
Knotty pine paneling is one of the most popular wall treatments due to its unique pattern. Let's see what these panels are like, some designs and ideas, and how to care for them after installation.
Wood is often preferred over other wall treatments for its class and elegance. Country homes are robbed of their rustic charm if the walls are not wood paneled. However, the old, plain, boring look of wood panels has undergone a complete change, making way to newer designs and patterns in wall treatments.
Knotty pine paneling is one such interior trend that has become instantly popular. It renders an authentic rustic look to any home. Earlier, it was reserved only for log cabins or country homes, but these days, this form of wall treatment has found its place even in modern homes.

What is It?

It is basically wood paneling made from pine timber. Pine timber is often preferred for its properties like smell, minimum grain variation, and light shaded wood. Knotty pine is derived from natural pine wood which is manufactured for furnishing purposes.
The natural knots in the wood get highlighted during the process, leaving behind a very attractive pattern on the wood. The knots in the wood are mainly responsible for their signature charm.

Designs and Ideas

Knotty pine can be used to panel the walls of the entire house. However, if you do not want a cabin-like look, then you may use it only as an accent. It exudes warmth and creates a very cozy ambiance.
Hence, you can use this type of paneling to cover living rooms, bedrooms, or sitting rooms. They even look great in kitchens. Alternatively, you may get knotty pine furniture or other accent pieces to create a similar effect.
Although, painting this wood is a popular interior decorating idea, you might prefer its natural look. It comes in myriad shades from light blond to brown. Go for a shade that matches your home décor.
One of the biggest advantages of this paneling is that it has the ability to accentuate the décor of the house. Thus, you can go for bright accent pieces or wall adornments if you have pine panels.
Some people might think that this pine eats away the light in the room, however, you can eliminate this problem by going for light-colored drapes and curtains. Also, adding artificial illumination in the form of lamps and floor lighting can get rid of the darkness problem.

Caring for these Panels

Knotty pine panels are available in pre-finished forms, so that you only need to spend for labor charges. After installation, you must care for it throughout its life. Pine is naturally softer than other timber, hence more susceptible to scratches and other damage.
Sealing the wall panels with a wood wax or lemon oil 3 to 7 times a year is a good way to protect them. The knots in the pine tend to bleed by giving off tannins and sap, which can ruin the wood stain.
A coat of primer can prevent the sap from bleeding through the panels. However, beware of the tint of primer, as it may render a grayish shade. Go for the most natural shade, so that the look of the walls is not altered.
Since, these pine panels do not hide the imperfections of the wood, it is far cheaper than the flawless and highly finished varieties of wood. Thus, it is a great and inexpensive way of decorating your walls.