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Stylish Kitchen Themes

Mamta Mule Dec 20, 2018
If you were browsing to find the best kitchen themes, then you have found the right place. Here are some kitchen decorating themes that will help you in decking up your cooking space in the best way.
Bored of your kitchen décor and wondering about various ways to add spice to this area? Here, are some ideas that will help you convert your boring kitchen into a perfect cooking space. While you have a well-defined, theme décor for other rooms, why leave out the kitchen! Themed décor helps give a defined look to the rooms.
This also makes choice of kitchen décor items and accents much easier. Though you can opt for unusual kitchen themes, themes that are closely related to your kitchen can be the best picks. So, let's move on to know about the various kitchen design themes in the following sections.

Ideas on Kitchen Decorating Themes


Fruit theme is a popular choice that you can opt for. As these are always a part of your kitchen, a fruit theme or a mixed fruit theme works really well. You can pick from apple theme, orange, pineapple or strawberry theme. Make sure that you bring crockery and table décor that complements this theme.
Apart from these complementing stickers and kitchen magnets, curtains and floor mats, kitchen cutlery, tableware and ceramic pots, all can be so picked to highlight this theme. If designing with theme of single fruit is becoming a tough task, you can go for a colorful, mixed fruit theme. Similarly, you can also have a vegetable theme for your kitchen.


Sunflower theme makes a nice flower theme for your kitchen. This theme can create a fresh and bright looking cooking space. Yellow color is an attention seeking hue which will give a refreshing look to your kitchen decoration.
Have tiles with sunflower design fixed in-between plain tiles. Place mats and chair covers can also have sunflower prints. Have white and gray accents that will go rightly with the yellow and green color. You can also add sunflowers to the dining room table centerpieces.

Color Combinations

Color themes are a fave of many people due to the ease of implementing them. Go for a single colored theme or a classic combo and give your kitchen a grand appearance. With a color theme, choosing the décor and accent pieces is much easier.
Combos like red and black, red and silver, purple and white, sage and black, olive and ivory, and yellow and green are quite popular.

Glass or Metals

If you were searching for unique décor, then this one is for you. Get ready to convert your kitchen into a wonderful and designer space with these kitchen decorating themes.
If you like glass art, then it's time to fill up your cooking space with glass items. Don't forget to add a glass tile backsplash. Glassware, glass wall art, glass dining table, chairs with glass backrest, windows with frosted or stained glass, all together can be a great way to play up your kitchen. Similarly, choose metal theme to beautify this area.
These were some interesting kitchen decorating themes. Whichever theme you opt for, make sure that kitchen color schemes also complement the same. Like for an apple-themed kitchen, have red and ivory or red and white wall color scheme and add colored kitchen cabinets and fancy light fixtures.
Implementing a theme essentially means adding maximum décor pieces to highlight the theme. So, make sure that you choose a theme that you'll love to see all over this space.