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Kitchen Theme Ideas

Versatile Themes and Ideas to Spice Up Your Kitchen Easily

Thinking about, what are the different kitchen themes? Mentioned in this article are various popular themes, and useful tips that will help you decorate your existing kitchen into a fun looking one.
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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
While picking the kitchen themes, there are many aspects you need to consider. If you have a small kitchen then for kitchen decorating, use monochromatic colors like white, blue, light gray or yellow. You can also consider installing additional windows and light fixtures to increase the amount of light in the kitchen. Make sure you maintain the least amount of clutter. If you have a large-sized kitchen then go for darker colors like purple, maroon, brown, etc. Also, the kitchen cabinets should be fitted according to the kitchen design to create harmony. For a squarish kitchen, go with a round or square dining table, for a large kitchen you can go with an oval or rectangular dining table. If you are on a tight budget, then go with contemporary theme, and look for cheap kitchen furniture, and add few lights and a flower vase to decorate your kitchen. 

If you have a flexible budget, then you can go with a theme kitchen like Italian, Tuscan, or French country. If you are looking for a calm look, go with more whites and off-whites. For a cheerful look in the kitchen sunshine yellow walls are a good idea. If you want your kitchen to look stunning then pick colors like lavender, black, mint blue, light cherry, or pale green. Make sure you have enough cabinets and shelves to accommodate all the utensils to maintain the kitchen space uncluttered, this will also help in kitchen cleaning. For easier maintenance of the kitchen, go with a semi-gloss finish, as this finish makes the wall more durable and can be scrubbed.
Ideas for Modern and Rustic Kitchens
Modern Kitchen
If you have a small kitchen, go with a monochromatic light-colored theme, like whites or off-whites. If you have a medium or large-sized kitchen, then color themes like lavender-white walls with black appliances look great. You can also go with aqua blue and white walls with white appliances. Ceiling loft lights look great, and use soft colored towels in kitchens. You can also consider painting cabinets to match the appliances color.
French Country Kitchen
French country kitchen colors are very popular, and this theme gives a cozy and warm look to the kitchen. Pick color for walls which are a butter shade of yellow and off-white and stucco texture for the ceiling. Add weathered and stained cabinets, and display copper cookware, and use terracotta tiles. Pick an earthy granite material for kitchen countertops. Then add few wrought iron chairs and chandelier to complete the look.
Mexican Kitchen
Bright colors are used in a Mexican kitchen. Use warm colors like red, orange and yellow on the walls. For the countertop, different colored painted tiles look great. You can go with mosaic tiles also. Terracotta floor tiles add a warm and traditional Mexican kitchen look, and are easy to care for. Iron hardware on painted wooden furniture will add a nice rustic look. You can add some wrought iron chairs. Copper sink, with copper stove hoods will lighten the room and add to the ambiance. Hang some baskets and place them on table with some decorative food items, to complete the look.
Tuscan Kitchen
If you are thinking of kitchen remodeling, then Tuscan theme is a good choice. Tuscan kitchens imitate nature and colors like green, brown, yellow and red are used on walls. Use a stucco texture to get this theme, and opt for curtains which are light-colored or have striped or checked pattern on them. You can place wall tiles in front of the sink which have floral designs on them, and hang copper vessels for display. Add some wooden kitchen furniture, and for finishing touch place a large-sized copper pot on the table.
Apart from these ideas, you can also consider Italian, farmhouse, oriental, and wine themes. Make sure you pick a theme which goes with the decor of the rest of the rooms, so that the transition between other rooms to kitchen is smooth.
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