Paint Color Ideas to Beautify the Kitchen

Mamta Mule Dec 15, 2018
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Here are some lovely kitchen paint color ideas that you can consider while decorating your kitchen. Implementing any of these is a great way to have a classy kitchen which will make cooking and dining an immensely pleasurable experience.
Decorating a kitchen in the best way is the dream of every homemaker. This is the central area of your house and so, choosing the paint colors can be a challenging task. In this process you need to think about and bring together many elements. Here are some wonderful kitchen paint color ideas...

Elements to Consider

While you start working on the colors, you need to consider a lot of elements like the kitchen cabinets, shelves, island, and dining table. Cabinets occupy a major area of the room, hence matching colors with these is a must for right decor.
You can have the cabinets painted in dual colors, both or one of these matching with the shades used for the walls. The dining tables and chairs (if you already have this set) also need to go well with the walls. Tiles must be in shades that match with the paint for kitchens.

Color Schemes

Choose paints according to the mood you want to set in the kitchen. Use cool shades for the calm mood and bold for lively mood. Homemaker's choice should be considered as she will be using kitchen the most.
You can use colors like yellow, off-white, beige, cool shades of red, pale blue or green, etc., to paint the walls. Color schemes can consist of dual tone walls with one of the above colors paired with off-white or white. Chocolate brown and beige also make a great looking scheme.
For a lively effect, use gaudy colors like hot red, bright pink, violet, magenta, chocolate, orange, and black. For a jazzy look you can consider combos like hot red and gray, black and violet or magenta, orange and black, or black and a hint of bright green.

Using the Colors in Right Percentage

One good idea is that you must have 75% of the kitchen painted in the main color and 25% of it in its shade to neutralize the effect while you want to have a lively effect.
For example, in case of schemes where you have black, it must cover at least 75% of the kitchen. This is essential to get the perfect feel.
In case you are creating a calming effect, you can have the two shades in equal percentage. This way you can use same combination to create different effects. Like a combo of magenta and off white, violet spanning 75% of the kitchen and off-white spanning the rest will give a flashy look to the area.
Same colors used in an equal ratio will give you a considerably cool effect. While you work on this, you should also consider the aforementioned elements like the cabinets, dining table, and wall tiles to have the desired effect.

Consider Wall Textures

You could get the walls textured. Faux finishing techniques are the best options to highlight the focal wall of your kitchen or dining area. Use it to beautify the wall behind the dining table or enhance a large or small wall that is least cluttered.
You can opt for a sponge finish, ragging, or combining any of the best techniques for walls. With these you have the liberty of using some unique shades like golden, silver, or silvery green.
With the aforementioned ideas you are sure to have a pretty cooking and dining area ready. Think about the colors you would love to have and see in your kitchen and then proceed. Have a classy looking kitchen ready.
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