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Smart and Ingenious Makeovers That'll Suit Small Kitchens

Kitchen Makeovers for Small Kitchens
Does the lack of space in your kitchen bother you? If 'yes' read these makeover ideas for small kitchens to create more usable space in your existing kitchen.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2019
Small, cluttered kitchens can be a nightmare for any homemaker. If you have such a kitchen, you sure must be familiar with the hassles. However, having a small kitchen doesn't mean you need to live with a small kitchen for the rest of your life.
And, nope, we are not talking about those expensive kitchen remodeling plans, which average people like u sannot afford, unless we rob a bank. We are talking about small kitchen makeovers with simple improvements here and there that will enable you to utilize your available space more effectively.
Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchens
One of the simplest makeover ideas is, repositioning the appliances in the kitchen. You will notice that many a time we position our appliances at odd angles and places.
We do experience a lot of inconvenience due to their position, but often we are plain lazy to move them to a new place. However, this simple trick can free a lot of space in your kitchen.
Go Vertical
Kitchen vertical
Similar to every other room in the house, the vertical space in the kitchen is neglected many a time. Kitchen countertops, tables, preparation counters take up a lot of horizontal space. As a result there is a little space left for storage in the kitchen.
However, with clever use of vertical wall space, you can create ample storage space in the kitchen. It is possible to build vertical shelves and cupboards as high as the ceiling. You can use the higher shelves to store items that are rarely needed.
Open the Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets
Having more open storage space creates an illusion of space in a kitchen. Instead of solid wood doors for the kitchen cabinets, opt for glass doors which offer clear and open view of the cabinets.
Besides, the glass reflects light, thereby creating an illusion of space. You can also keep the cabinets completely open to replicate country style decorating.
Roll-Down, Pull-Out and Slide Away
Modern layout
Use features like roll down, pull out and slide away wherever possible.
Sliding doors can be installed, instead of the usual swaying ones, which take a lot of space when opened up. Pull out tops can be used for chopping, cutting and then pushed inside when not required.
Sleek Applications
Modern appliances
If possible, trade away your old, bulky kitchen appliances for newer, sleeker ones. Sleek appliances look fabulous and take up very less space. Built-in microwaves and dishwashers also save a lot of space in the kitchen which can be put to better use.
Minimize the Clutter
A closer view inside your kitchen will reveal that your kitchen is full of objects that are worth throwing away. Pots and pans without lids, sometimes only lids, missing handles, broken appliances and what not!
Even your cabinets may contain cans and bottles with foods dating back to your mom's days. Clear this clutter immediately and see for yourself how much storage space is made available to you.
Fresh Coat of Paint
If you do not wish to go for any of these ideas of kitchen makeovers then, you may simply go for a new fresh coat of paint. A pastel or lighter shade of paint can make your kitchen look cleaner and spacious. You may also consider painting kitchen cabinets in a complementing or contrasting color.
Thus, kitchen makeover need not be an expensive affair always. Simple tips and tricks will make working in a kitchen a lot more enjoyable experience for you.