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Kitchen Lighting Trends for 2018

Kitchen Lighting Trends for 2018
In this article, you can catch a glimpse of the kitchen lighting trends for the year 2018. We have described the different kinds of lights used for illuminating a kitchen perfectly.
DecorDezine Staff
Modern lighting systems apart from being luxurious and aesthetically pleasing, are energy-efficient in many ways. Your kitchen is an integral part of your home that needs to be lit up in a way that would complement the interior d├ęcor. Furthermore, the ambiance of a well-groomed kitchen is conducive to cooking and dining.
Latest trends for kitchen lighting
It is not always necessary that you have to put up lights of high wattage to add brightness to your kitchen. Some of the most beautiful kitchens have diffused lights, which match up or complement other features of the house. Your refined taste is reflected when your kitchen is beautifully organized and has a brilliant set of lights. If your dining hall is attached to your kitchen, then you should adopt the same lighting pattern. A proper blend of lighting and fixtures would definitely create an exotic ambiance inside your kitchen.
Organic Lighting
a kitchen with windows
With a great deal of awareness being spread about Eco-friendly things, organic lighting has become very useful. Organic lights are LED systems wherein thin films of organic compounds are used for generating light. They're extremely light weight and are considerably cheaper. If you're going environmental, then opt for green shades for creating a natural look. Organic lighting fixtures include track lighting system, flush and pendant lights, wall sconces, and edge blow fixtures.
Accent Lighting
a kitchen with accent lamps
The houses having a spacious kitchen with Victorian style interiors can opt for accent lighting. The desired effect is created with the help of accent lamps which include wall lights, floor lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, hanging lamps, etc. These lights create a dim glow making your kitchen look more gorgeous. However, you will need a bright source while working.
Overhead Lighting
a kitchen with overhead hanging lights
Placing overhead lights is a wonderful idea for lighting up kitchens. Frosted glass globes, high power bulbs, strobes, and tube lights are used for illuminating a kitchen brightly. The houses having a small kitchen must have an overhead lighting system because when the lights falls from above, it virtually increases the space of the kitchen. Overhead lighting should also be an addition if your kitchen has recessed lights.
Cove lighting
a kitchen with cove lighting
This is a type of indirect lighting system which is usually installed in a big and spacious kitchen as highlights. The fixtures are usually attached to valences of ceilings, and also on the walls. The placement of cove lights should be done accurately so that maximum light falls on the most accessed areas of your kitchen. Ceilings having gorgeous designs and broad areas are usually enamored with cove lights for making the interiors aesthetically soothing.
a kitchen with chandeliers
As black wall colors made their entry into the kitchen, so did the chandeliers. It's no longer the luxury of only living rooms. You can hang chandeliers over the kitchen table or the kitchen bar. Not only do they drive attention to the room, it's a neat idea for extra light. It has a classic style and elegance. Hanging the chandelier in the kitchen gives an element of surprise and an artistic look.
These were the latest trends in lighting up a kitchen. The size of the kitchen and its interior color and design must complement the setting of lights. Therefore, take necessary advice from an experienced interior designer to jazz up your kitchen in the best possible way. And then you can enjoy cooking and dining like royalty.