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Kitchen Layout Ideas

Exquisite Kitchen Layout Ideas That Utilize Maximum Spaces

An intelligent utilization of floor space in your kitchen can actually increase your productivity in the kitchen. You will find some effective kitchen layout ideas in this DecorDezine article.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
A kitchen is the busiest area in house, always bustling with activities. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most cluttered and space challenged areas in the house. The cabinets, counter tops, shelves, pots, and pans, and a range of kitchen appliances crumpled together in a small space makes cooking a daunting task. However, if you apply some architectural principles to your kitchen and effectively utilize the available space, you can turn this daunting task into a pleasurable experience.
Kitchen With Island Marble Counter
Types of Kitchen Layout Designs
Modern Interior Design
There are basically two designs in which the kitchen can be laid out. The first is called the 'classic triangle design' and the second is 'zone centered design'. The classic triangle design was proposed way back in 1950s, hence has become somewhat obsolete now. It revolves around three stations, the range, refrigerator, and the kitchen sink. The placement of these stations often results in a triangle, referred to as 'work triangle'. The idea behind this design is to arrange the three stations in such a way that the working area in the kitchen is optimized. Ideally, the space at the center of the triangle should be free, thus, you will have to place kitchen island out of this triangle. If you place the island at the center, you will have to do a lot of extra walking, moreover, taking a detour around the island can be quite tedious with hands full of dishes or pots and pans. Occasionally, it is alright to overlap the island along the edge of the triangle.
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The number and size of appliances have increased manifold since 1950. Thus, the classic triangle design may not work for the modern kitchens of today, that flaunt sophisticated appliances. Hence, the idea of zone centered design came into practice. The concept of this layout design is based on division of kitchen into several zones, based on the activity. Meaning, the appliances are arranged in the order of their utility. Any modern kitchen can be primarily divided into main zones such as cooking, cleaning, baking, eating, storing, etc. This way, you can find whatever you need for a single activity at one place only. Not only this will reduce the time taken for fetching things and making trips within the kitchen, it will also keep your kitchen more organized and clutter free.
Kitchen Floor Layouts
Kitchen layout design ideas are primarily dependent on the layout of the kitchen floor. Most of the kitchens are designed according to any of the following layout plans.
Galley Kitchen
Galley Kitchen
Galley kitchen, though the most economical, is also the most crumpled of all kitchen floor layouts. It includes kitchen set up along the two parallel walls in the kitchen, with a narrow space in between. All the appliances, counters, and kitchen cabinets are arranged along the two parallel walls of the kitchen. This type of layout is suitable for kitchens with a single cook.
L-Shaped Kitchen
L-Shaped Kitchen
An L-shaped kitchen allows ample free space to move around, at the center of the kitchen. The layout consists of kitchen arrangement along the two walls of kitchen that are joined at the corner. This type of formation allows you to place a kitchen island along any of the remaining walls.
U-Shaped Kitchen
U-Shaped Kitchen
A U-shaped kitchen is best suited for large kitchens as the arrangement stretches along the three walls of the kitchen. It can easily allow multiple cooks to work independently without bothering each other.
You may implement your own ideas considering the dimensions of your own kitchen and the size and number of kitchen appliances. No matter which layout you choose, the arrangement should be such that minimum time is wasted in walking around for fetching things.
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