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Kitchen Islands With Breakfast Bar and Stools

Unique Kitchen Islands Ideas With Breakfast Bar and Stools

While browsing through the best pieces in kitchen islands, you are sure to come across multi-functional pieces that also offer a well designed breakfast bar with stools. So if you are planning to add one such piece to your cooking space, here are some designing ideas on the same.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Today kitchen islands have become a popular element of kitchen furniture. While the simple and basic islands are still preferred by many, you will get to see pieces offering much more than that extra countertop in your cooking space. A countertop is definitely an important part of the cooking area. Kitchen islands with a breakfast bar and stools are amongst the latest designs which convert the simple countertop into a multifunctional surface. Browse through the images and you are sure to love the designs. These multifunctional islands can be further designed according to your taste and can be ordered to rightly fit in your kitchen and taste of style. So here are some design ideas on the same which you can consider opting for.
Portable Breakfast Bar
Portable islands are the latest pieces in the world of kitchen furniture and decor. Let me tell you that these offer you a movable, often compact kitchen island which can be used in multiple ways. The piece can be moved to any place in or out of your cooking space which is the best part of its design. What's more, the same can be used as a serving trolley or a breakfast bar as well. The compact bar stools are best paired with this compact design if the island is also a small breakfast bar. Make sure the same has good quality wheels which lock.
Stationary Dining Space
Now, stationary islands are the best solution if your kitchen offers a larger space. This means that you can get in a full-sized island that perfectly works as a dining table as well. All you need is a nice glass or granite countertop and pendant lights suspended from the ceiling right above this breakfast bar. Of course adding up the dining essentials to the countertop needs no mention. Now line up the chairs and get set to enjoy your food right here! A style having half part dedicated for dining and half for other work also works well. In this case the dining corner can have an empty base that offers enough leg room while you sit on stools and dine here. Only the other half of the island can have drawers and shelves below it.
Finishing Options
Whether you plan to opt for a portable or stationary type of island that works as a breakfast bar, finishing it in the best way is essential. Kitchen islands are the focal point of any cooking space and a great looking piece is sure to spice up the entire appearance of this space. So if you plan to make it contemporary go for a design with straight lines and well-defined cuts. Play up the piece with colorful laminates. You can find a huge variety in white islands for sale. These are amongst the hot picks in the category as they work well with any type of decor and design style.
You can opt for colored laminates perfectly matching with laminates used for the rest of the cabinets and furniture pieces in the kitchen. Also, make sure that you try to maintain uniformity in countertop type and color. Else, adding countertops like glass or stainless steel is also a great idea as these go with any type of existing countertops in cooking space.
If your kitchen cabinets have a natural wooden finish you can have the same for this island with a breakfast bar and create a rustic styled kitchen decor. In this case add wooden stools or chairs only instead of the trendy colorful bar stools. If your kitchen has a dual color theme, have two sets of bar stools to match the theme and line them in alternating colors. You can also have one color for the base of the island and another color for its countertop.
When you choose to have a multifunctional island, adding shelves and drawers is also essential to place in various dining accessories and kitchen tools. A well-planned and smartly-designed island is sure to make your kitchen much more than a simple cooking space. All the best!
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