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Distinct Kitchen Island Designs

Scholasticus K Dec 12, 2018
Among the many innovative techniques of interior decoration and design, the concept of kitchen islands is fairly recent. Here are some interesting designs that are sure to help you design one for your own kitchen.
In modern era, cities began to grow at an alarming rate due to the industrial revolution. Huge number of people migrated to cities, leading to shortage of space. So, according to the latest needs, architectural and civil engineering too started changing and homes changed to different styles.
Clubbing the living room and the kitchen is a common trend now. This arrangement not only saves space, but also makes the entire area look larger and spacious. Theoretically the surface area remains same but the psychological effect is excellent. A kitchen island perfectly fits into the center of a such room.

Kitchen Island Utility

There are almost countless uses of this piece of kitchen furniture which, generally, has a smooth flat top surface and excellent storage space. People tend to use the kitchen island for storage, as a dining table, cutting surfaces, etc.

Kitchen Island Designs

Foldable Kitchen Islands

For small kitchens, foldable islands are ideal because the the upper surface can be easily reduced by folding it. Made usually of wood with some variants of plastic; the countertops of such islands are not made of stone to avoid spoiling the folding mechanism.

Kitchen Island with Stove

There's no end to the creativity that is used by manufactures and this kind of island has a stove installed within it. It also has a chimney or an overhead exhaust. These islands usually have a stone top and negligible wood due to the constant heat.

Kitchen Island with Refrigeration

This a pretty unique design, gaining popularity, as it is a perfect storage for fruits and drinks. It is also an excellent place to store beer or champagne. At times, this refrigerator is also used as a wine refrigerator.

Portable Kitchen Island

This is the simplest design which consists of a large trolley that has convenient wheels, that makes it possible to push the island around. These portable islands, sometimes also have additional facilities such as wine storage space, cutlery rack, etc. These type of islands are made with help of wood and plastic as the island has to be light in weight.
Choosing the best from all the available designs can be a difficult task, since every design appears attractive and suitable. Hence, follow the three-step process of selection, first analyze your need, secondly, fix your budget, and finally, decide the dimensions.