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Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens

Rujuta Borkar Mar 14, 2019
Planning on remodeling your kitchen, but the space allotted is not very big? No problem. Here's presenting some great kitchen ideas for small kitchens. Read and pick up a few ideas for yourselves.
Have you been thinking about remodeling your kitchen for sometime now, but don't know how to go about it?
You say your kitchen is small to begin with, and you need some unique ideas for that? Not a problem there, because the particulars mentioned here are especially meant for those who need to decorate and remodel their small kitchens.
Many times, we end up cluttering our already small kitchens or using up spaces in the wrong way, giving the kitchen an appearance of being smaller than it is in reality. Or there are cases in which we allocate a rather small area for the kitchen and that makes it seem as though it is cramped at all times.
The ideas mentioned here will help you by providing some small kitchen remodeling ideas so that it looks spacious, and utilizes space in the best possible way.
A good way to begin implementing these ideas is to play with the space. When one plays with space effectively and uses certain techniques by way of which the kitchen looks spacious, you will see the immediate transformation it leads to. Space makes any area seem more open, airy, and welcoming, as opposed to an area full of clutter.

Discard Things

Take a tour of your kitchen and make a list of all the things that are simply taking up space. You'll find that there are several items like such. Maybe a toaster that you rarely use is coated with dust and takes up space on the kitchen counter. Or a bag of dog food is simply stacked up against the refrigerator.
Allocating different places to them and making a point of putting them there will clear up the kitchen and you'll suddenly find a lot of space that is free for proper utilization.

Bring down a Wall

This is one of the most effective ideas for a small kitchen. Breaking down a single wall will open up the kitchen visually and make it seem larger than it is.

Paint it Pastel

Painting the room in pastel and light shades will immediately make a room look spacious and open. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways of creating space.

One Sink

Opt for a single large sink as opposed to the standard two bowls. This will help because it will take up lesser space than the two bowls and in turn make more space for something else in the kitchen.

Roll-Out Shelves

Most of the time, the lowest shelf of any kitchen cabinet is very difficult to access. That is why we end up storing things on the counter instead of keeping them in the cabinet. This leads to a cluttered feel in the kitchen and leads to wastage of space.
To solve this problem, build in some roll out shelves. This will allow even the lowest shelves of the cabinet to become easily accessible and more space will automatically be created.

Use Wall Space

One of the best ideas is to start making use of the wall. Hang some nails and racks on the wall and store mugs, pans, and other utensils on them. Similarly, hang wire mesh baskets from the wall and use them to store fruits.

Built In Appliances

There are many kitchen appliances and items that you can have built into the kitchen walls or cabinets like microwave ovens and dustbins. This will take it away from the eye and create more space.

Bulletin Board

Do you have a kitchen drawer especially dedicated to all the pieces of paper and chits of the house? Why not make a board like a bulletin board and stick them up? This will free a drawer space for storage and you'll be forced to clean those chits from time to time.

Folding Table

Opting for a folding table instead of a regular sized table is very advantageous. Just fold the table when it is not in use and utilize that space for other things. It will also prevent clutter from gathering on the table top.

Floor Tiles

As far as possible, keep the floor tile color and cabinet color as close together as possible. This will not make the space seem chopped up and lend a flow from one paint to the other. The same theory can be applied to the walls of the kitchen and walls of the other rooms in the house.

Storage Options

Think about other storage options like utilizing other rooms in the house (cook books in the library) or having chairs or bench seating with built in storage spaces.
These are some simple ideas for small kitchens that you can use. These will help you to create and utilize space effectively. Hope you have been able to take something from them and are able to transform your kitchen into something special.