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Exotic Kitchen Design Styles You Can Choose for a Makeover

Kitchen Design Styles
Reinvent the magic of cooking in your own kitchen. Bring home a cozy kitchen which you'd never ever want to leave!
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Oct 03, 2018
Fact 1 - We all love Nigella Lawson.
Fact 2 - If provided with a kitchen like hers, we'd actually cook better than her!
New Kitchen
So, what's stopping us then? The goal has been set and the problem has been identified. Get set and get ready to revamp your kitchen. With a million stunning ideas there is nothing to worry about. Remodeling your kitchen would never have been simpler with designs from all over the world. Make that room in your home, the heart of it.
Old kitchen in normal house
Tuscan Kitchen
Kitchen Series
The brilliant Tuscan style of kitchen, brings a warm rustic mood. To have the coveted Tuscan kitchen, use earthy colors like hues of yellow, olive green, mellow shades of gold, burnt orange, and burgundy.
Stemming from Mediterranean architecture, blue also jells well with Tuscan kitchen designs. For the rustic feel, make your walls textured with rough plastering or by adding builder's sand to the paint. Granite or marble counter tops are important characteristics of a Tuscan kitchen.
For a warm effect, use wooden flooring and a tinge of terracotta on the walls. If you have a dining area in the kitchen, go in for old-fashioned furniture, preferably made out of wrought iron. For illumination, central chandeliers are a great option. Garlic strings, decorative bottles, and scented herbs will be the perfect way of finishing your kitchen.
French Kitchen
Colorful Modern French Kitchen
The French, love their space. To make your small kitchen look big, paint the walls in fresh pastel shades. French antiques (not real ones), like a clock or a wall hanging will blend beautifully with your kitchen style. Color co-ordinate your dinnerware with your kitchen.
Wooden countertops or even marble, suit the French Kitchen Design style. Glassware will add to the classic interior of the room. Ensure that you have enough lighting in the kitchen. Large windows with wooden panes are typically French. Indirect lighting, which does not hurt the eye, will give you a very urban French kitchen decor.
Cottage Kitchen
Cottage Kitchen Interior
Recreate the warmth you felt on a rainy evening while vacationing in a cottage! A cottage style kitchen is the one where comfort and warmth go hand in hand.
Collingwood Cottage Kitchen Interior
The basic thing while doing up such a design is to ensure that it is not cluttered up. Keep the place roomy and bright. Rustic wooden furniture, stone walls, and rough surfaces are the magic words of giving your kitchen a beautiful cottage decor.
Keep the look casual with some cane baskets to hold the fruits and vegetables. Earthy pots and pans, and glazed earthenware are the suggested kitchenware for your cottage kitchen. Colors like burnt orange, a little maroon, and burgundy give the cottage feel. Maple and pine furniture can also be used to create the cottage look.
European Kitchen
Interior Of Modern European Kitchen
The beauty of European kitchens lies is their furniture made out of chrome, stainless steel, and glass. The very modern style of kitchen decor aims at providing the user with easy access to all the gadgets that save time, in the fast-moving urban lifestyle.
The timeless white laminates and the gray of steel and chrome, make the kitchen area very spacious. Remember that such type of designs demand adequate lighting. Lighting up the place from the ceiling, will help you with this aspect. Minimalistic is the catch word when is comes to European kitchens. White is the most popular kitchen color for such designs.
Italian Kitchen
Similar to European style of designing, Italian kitchens also adopt the minimalistic features. Wrapped in beauty, these designs cater to all your needs of storing and aesthetics. Deep red, chrome, black, white, and rustic shades are the colors for Italian kitchens. Glassware or chinaware, with Italy's kitchen style, are a match made in heaven!
Decorative bottles for herbs and oils enhance the look for your design. To embellish it further, go in for a wooden flooring and marble countertops. Lighting below the cabinet will making chopping vegetables easier when the sun goes down, as it will get your vegetables under the spotlight.
Farmhouse Kitchen
Farmhouse Kitchen
To cherish those wonderful family memories, a good farmhouse styled kitchen should conjure up an affectionate feel. Sponge paint your kitchen walls to add a personal touch to the get up.
Accessorize your walls with farm produce like garlic strings and onions. Vintage pots and pans, bottles, and frames with old farm recipes will bring back the old memories. Wooden flooring or floor mats will accentuate the cozy feeling. Pine, maple, or cane furniture will make your kitchen, quintessentially farm-like.
Southern Kitchen
The Southern style of kitchens is very rare to find. These designs originated in South America during the 1880's. Traditional brick ovens and big areas for mass cooking, define this design. The kitchen is annexed with a pantry for the storage of food items and linen. To have your own Southern style of kitchen, try and incorporate the mentioned ideas.
White European style kitchen
Kitchen is the most important area of the house. It needs to have enough ventilation and light. Cluttering up the kitchen makes it a difficult place to work in. Before you begin remodeling your kitchen, understand how much storage is required.
Tuscany kitchen
Easy accessibility of kitchen utensils and other gadgets, makes cooking a fun activity. A tastefully done up kitchen, a home cooked meal and a glass of red wine will surely have your pizza delivery man to miss you!