Pocket-friendly Kitchen Decorating Themes

Megha Tiwari Dec 23, 2018
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If you are looking for some decorating themes to give a new look to your home kitchen, then here are some ideas.
The use of different decorating ideas, color combination, and themes would add character to your kitchen. Changes in the right direction would help make it a focal point of your house. The introduction of unique themes is the best way to freshen up the atmosphere of this room.
Moreover, decorating this room with the design and styles of your choice, would definitely double your interest in cooking. Here are some themes and ideas that would help you to design the kitchen of your dreams and they are within the budget as well.
Furthermore, the style should match with your personality and lifestyle, and you definitely have the freedom to include as many things of your choice as possible.

Modern Themes


These integrate both form and function. Start with incorporating a geometrical pattern like curves or straight lines, for the furniture and cabinet corners, that would be same throughout the space.
Other things that can be included are frameless cabinets, frosted or translucent glass panels, adjustable task lighting, and the use of trendy cookware and utensils that would give an urban feel.
The application of modern decorations ideas, cabinets of dark colors like chocolaty brown, usage of stainless appliances, bright-wall paint, and latest lighting designs would be perfect to match your modern and trendy lifestyle.
Moreover, you can give wood effects to have seriously chic sophistication. Keep the fabric, furniture, and other accessories simple and sleek.


A modern kitchen with a restaurant style would make it look elegant and contemporary. If you want it in this style, think out of the box. 
Shiny surface, gleaming black counters, use of curves at the cabinet's end instead of corners and round tables same as your favorite restaurant are some of the essentials of this style. Look for modern seats rather than using typical country stools.
The use of vibrant color combination like orange and yellow would circulate positive energy, thus creating a "feel-good" atmosphere. Checkered walls and addition of polka dot patterns and other designs would surely blend with your modern lifestyle.


This is a collection of delectable patterns. For this style, you can include things like grape cookie jar, apple cup and saucer, watermelon dinnerware set, watermelon wall clock, mixed fruit wall plaque, strawberry-stained glass panel, and paint the walls with the color of your choice like orange, yellow, pink, or green.
You can use the wallpapers of mixed fruit theme on the backsplash and wedge-shaped table mats with mixed fruits sticker for the dining table. Decorating with single fruit or mixed fruits depend entirely on personal preferences.

French Country

There will be lots of fun involved in decorating with this style. Choose bright colors like red and yellow for the walls other than usual colors like burgundy and mustard yellow. Install wrought iron ceiling racks for pans and pots.
For the floor tiles and countertops, ceramic tiles would be the best. The addition of farmhouse style dining table would add to the personality.

Some Ideas

While putting it into action, you must keep in mind few ideas that are cheap and might prove useful.
  • Use of bold and bright makeover would create a happy environment.
  • Use of open showcase to display your dinnerware would catch the attention and also add dimension to this room.
  • Special care should be taken while choosing the light. Small tabletop lamps would look elegant.
  • Choose the kitchen fabrics according to the theme, like the pattern of the curtains, towels, appliance covers, etc., should be same to give a symmetrical appearance.
  • To create a romantic ambiance, bring in nature. Use of flowers and plants would take you close to nature.
Some simple steps like incorporating luxury floor, lighting designs, use of glass materials, and unique cabinets and furniture, while using these themes would make this room even more beautiful.
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