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Smart and Budget-friendly Kitchen Decorating Ideas for Renovation

Pragya T Aug 20, 2019
Looking for some kitchen decorating ideas on a budget, that will make your kitchen space look inviting and great without burning a hole in your pocket? Read on...
Decorating or remodeling a kitchen doesn't necessarily mean you need to have a big budget. With some minor changes you can make your old kitchen look new and fresh.
All you need to do is pick the right decorative items for the kitchen, get rid of some of the old items and throw in these new items, and voila! You have a fresher and more inviting kitchen. Here are some kitchen decorating ideas, that will help you to transform your old kitchen space.

How to Decorate a Kitchen on Budget?

● If you are looking for kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget, then start with the basic, which is painting. Go to a store which has wall paints and ask them if they have any damaged paint containers. These paint containers you can get for half or less price.
However, make sure the paint inside the containers is not dry, otherwise it will be useless. Stick to basic white paint color and paint your walls and ceilings with it.
● If you have kitchen cabinets which have become old and have unattractive surface, then just mix some paint color like gray, yellow, or brown to the white paint and paint the cabinets inside and outside with it. This will increase the life of the cabinets and make them look new again.
● If you think the kitchen space looks too white, then here are some cheap kitchen remodeling ideas. Take a nice bold color and paint the wall trims, or add a border on the walls which looks interesting.
You can consider using stencils or rubber stamps. Or you can simply use a household sponge, cut it in a particular shape and create an interesting border on the walls using the sponge.
● If you have a dining table which surface due to aging looks different, then throw a fresh-looking table cloth and cheerful looking napkins on it. Place a basket of fresh fruits in the middle of the table to make the dining place look more inviting. Consider adding colorful cushions to the chair, make sure that the cushion's color matches the tablecloth.
● Take off the old curtains from the kitchen windows and add some beautiful window treatments. Use fresh green organdy colored curtains and place a small houseplant on the sill.
● To add more green to the kitchen, consider placing some more houseplants around the kitchen. Go to a plant nursery and pick least maintenance houseplants and place them in earthen pots. You can consider painting the earthen pots yourself to make them look more attractive.
● If there is not enough light in the kitchen, then go to some flea market and buy intricate lamp designs or simple lamp designs and place them in the kitchen. Or you can also buy affordable rice paper lamps and place them in the kitchen to add to the kitchen lighting.
● If you are tired of seeing the same old kitchen flooring, then just throw in a few rugs here and there to make the floor space look tidy and colorful.
● You can also consider hanging few painting depicting outdoors on the kitchen walls to add a touch of art and beauty to the bare walls.
Remember, when it comes to decorating a modern kitchen 'less is more', so get rid of old decorative items in the kitchen and use few accents here and there to make the bold lines in kitchen visible. Also, keep the kitchen space uncluttered to make the space look cleaner and attractive.