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Kitchen Colors Trends for 2018

Kitchen Colors Trends for 2018
Each year brings with it a change in interior trends. How colorful should your kitchen be this year? Take a look at what's trending in the kitchen colors for 2018.
DecorDezine Staff
Last Updated: Dec 30, 2017
Those of you who spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen would know what kind of impact the environment in the kitchen has on you. The pleasure of cooking aside, the kind of colors that have been used in there, the design, and the comfort of working within its confines are just as important. Among the different elements of kitchen design, color plays a vital role, and here, we discuss the most popular kitchen colors for 2018 and keep up with the latest trends.

When you look at some of the colors showcased in the images below, you may find them to be a little different from your usual taste. So what you are expected to do is look at them with an open mind and approach. After that, whether or not you embrace any idea is your personal choice. However, don't give up without at least considering a color if nothing else.
Yellow Family
Yellow Kitchen
Bright and vibrant, yellow is the perfect color to use in a kitchen. Use a tinge of yellow to break the monotony of a single, dark color, such as gray. It looks absolutely charming and radiant. Yellow is believed to make people hungry and its the most happy and soothing color of all.

If this yellow seems too bright for you, try a lighter yellow in combination with a lighter neutral gray or even a lime green. But, remember too much color can ruin the look of your overall space.
Blue Family
a woman with her kid in a blue kitchen
From pastel blue to aqua to dark navy, blue gives many shades for kitchen walls. It gives a clean and calm feel and can brighten up the place if lighter shades are used. If you are painting just the walls then consider the color of your kitchen cabinet. But if you're starting afresh then you can go with white cabinets and an aqua blue shade which works for both small and large kitchens.

You can paint your wall with dark navy, but then make sure other walls are color neutral like white or gray.
Green Family
Green Kitchen
Before you get intimidated by the thought of green shades in your kitchen, just look at the images here. Even though used throughout the kitchen, it is not too overpowering and in fact, is quite wonderfully refreshing. If it is too much for you, use green as a backsplash and combine it with simple wooden cabinetry.

If you are a little more adventurous, go ahead and get those lime green cabinets in your kitchen, and combine them with white or a darker green for a truly bright kitchen!
Black Family
a lavish kitchen with royal black walls
Everything is beautiful in black, even the kitchen walls! You'll need to think a little harder for this color. Painting the walls black is not enough, you'll have to pair it with cabinets, floors, lighting, and roof. Too much black can turn your kitchen into a depressing tomb, but with right furniture you can have a calm and rich look.

A hint of gray is also the best way to decorate your kitchen. It's neutral and can lighten up the place with right shades.
Wooden Shades
Kitchen In Newly Constructed House
The richness achieved by wooden cabinets and little lighter shade for walls is the sure thing for kitchen interior. Your appliances will blend with this color and sunlight will also get reflected more if you choose lighter shades. You can have ceramic floors with slightly lighter shades for cabinets and you can have a classy look to your kitchen interior.
Now, keep in mind that any of the aforementioned colors will look great in your kitchen with the right kind of lighting. If you have a kitchen where you do not get sufficient natural light, avoid going for dark colors. Instead, use lighter colors to make it appear brighter. Also, ensure that the kind of artificial light you use is good for your work, as well as good enough to bring out the charm of the colors you have used in your kitchen. You definitely should consider these color ideas for your kitchen; they are just going to make the whole cooking and dining experience so much more pleasurable.
Luxury Kitchen
Modern Kitchen Interior
Minimalist White And Red Wooden Kitchen
Commercial Restaurant Kitchen
Modern Orange Kitchen
Kitchen In A Small Modern Apartment