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Kitchen Colors Trends for 2019

Puja Lalwani Feb 8, 2019
Each year brings with it a change in interior trends. How colorful should your kitchen be this year? Take a look at which kitchen colors are trending for 2019.
Those of you who spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen would know what kind of impact the environment in the kitchen has on you. The pleasure of cooking aside, the kind of colors that have been used in there, the design, and the comfort of working within its confines are just as important.
Among the different elements of kitchen design, color plays a vital role. Described ahead are the most popular kitchen colors for 2019. Keep up with the latest trends!
When you look at some of the colors showcased here, you may find them to be a little different from your usual taste. So what you are expected to do is look at them with an open mind and approach. After that, whether or not you embrace any idea is your personal choice. However, don't give up without at least considering a color if nothing else.

Rich Creamy Shades

Though all-white kitchens are difficult to keep clean on a daily basis, the color still rules since it gives your kitchen an ultra-bright appearance! There are, however, some stylish alternatives such as creamy shades that are easier to keep clean and add a lot of freshness to your kitchen

Incorporate rich creamy shades like ivory, taupe, beige, etc for your kitchen which will give you warmth and calmness. For a classy look, you can use marble countertops and wooden furniture.


Orange is full of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. This pumpkin shade will surely energize your kitchen. Try a lighter shade in combination with a white. Burnt orange combines well with gray or mint green.

Dark Gray

Dark gray is undoubtedly a balanced and inviting color that can be used for your kitchen. You can use this mysterious color for kitchen island, cabinetry and also for the countertops. Combine this deep gray with white to enhance the look of your kitchen.

Deep Green

Dark and bold shades are extremely popular these days. 2019 is an year of dark colored kitchen. Deep green is definitely a dramatic alternative to paint your kitchen. Deep green or olive green while combining with lighter shades gives visually appealing color contrast.

Shades of Blue

From pastel blue to aqua to dark navy, blue gives many shades for kitchen walls. It gives a clean and calm feel and can brighten up the place if lighter shades are used. You can also choose exotic deep blue or navy blue color for your kitchen cabinetry.


Turquoise is one of the most favorite colors of 2019. This color is tremendously relaxing and refreshing. Turquoise will help create a warm and welcoming space. Decorate your kitchen cabinets with this color and white for the rest of the area.


Everything is beautiful in black, even the kitchen walls! You'll need to think a little harder for this color. Painting the walls black is not enough, you'll have to pair it with cabinets, floors, lighting, and roof.
Too much black can turn your kitchen into a depressing tomb, but with right furniture you can have a calm and rich look. A hint of gray is also the best way to decorate your kitchen. It's neutral and can lighten up the place with right shades.
Now, keep in mind that any of the aforementioned colors will look great in your kitchen with the right kind of lighting. If you have a kitchen where you do not get sufficient natural light, avoid going for dark colors. Instead, use lighter colors to make it appear brighter.
Also, ensure that the kind of artificial light you use is good for your work, as well as good enough to bring out the charm of the colors you have used in your kitchen. You definitely should consider these color ideas for your kitchen; they are just going to make the whole cooking and dining experience so much more pleasurable.