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Soothing Color Ideas for Kitchen Walls

Saptakee Sengupta Dec 18, 2018
You are looking forward to remodel your kitchen with a color that would beautify it and make it appear bigger. We have provided you a complete guide to kitchen colors here that you can refer to. Read ahead.
A neat and tidy kitchen always reflects refined taste of an individual. The wall color of your kitchen matters a lot in creating a fresh vibe all around. As you complement the color of your rooms with its interior, similarly, you should also consider the kitchen to be in sync with rest of the house.
To be precise, the overall effect produced by harmonizing the color must be capable of making your kitchen welcoming enough. Also make sure that your kitchen is neat, tidy and well organized.

Choosing Kitchen Colors

A kitchen looks the best when painted with light hues. Keeping the base color neutral, you can accent the kitchen with dark colors. Here are some ideas on choosing the right color for your kitchen.

Pure White

Elegance and sophistication is endowed by white. It's the color that will undoubtedly render a brilliant sparkle in your kitchen. Maintaining the color should be given prime importance and for this, you have to keep your kitchen squeaky clean all the time.

Pale Yellow

It is the safest of all shades. Not only does it enhance the beauty of a kitchen but it complements with almost every kind of interior décor. You can highlight the ceiling or the walls with a touch of sunshine yellow. This type of coordination is absolutely unique.

Pastel Green

Nature appeals to us more strongly than anything else. If the window of the kitchen overlooks the surrounding greenery of your house, then select the pastel shades of green for its interior. The lightest shade of parrot green or olive green will look beautiful on the walls.

Aqua Blue

It's one of the most soothing of all neutral shades. Kitchens that have aqua themes are usually painted with this color. You can jazz up the interior with turquoise and darker shades of aquamarine. You can opt for this setting for the cabinets and racks.

Light Violet

Paint the walls of your kitchen in light violet and create a contemporary setting by embedding tiles of dark mauve shade. To withhold the beauty of a modern kitchen, you can also accessorize its interior with glass and fiber furniture. Also equip the kitchen latest furniture designs.

Cool Pink

Pink is the coolest of all wall paints. The fresh and chaste color brightens up the ambiance and virtually increases the space of the interiors. Pink is a naturally pleasing shade and you can combine it with bright white kitchen furniture. You can also embed highlighters of pale mauve.

Classic Beige

It's a sensuous tone that complements both contemporary and traditional kitchen décor.
Paint the walls with the lightest shade of beige and emphasize selective portions with colors ranging from pale shades of brown and orange. This way you can uplift the charm of a beige colored kitchen.

Natural Peach

Peach is utterly soothing and is a dreamy hue capable of enlivening the ambiance of your kitchen. Create a shading with light and dark shade of peach. The color blends well with ceramic and graphite furnishing. You can also showcase earthen and clay pots.
It has been scientifically proven that the color of a kitchen has the ability to change your mood and appetite. As a matter of fact, you can select such colors that would uplift your culinary spirits and mood while dining. Also note that, dark colors are never a good choice for kitchen walls and the lighting should also be given considerable importance.