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Popular Kitchen Color Schemes Ranging from Simple to Stunning

Kitchen Color Schemes
Colors have the power of making a room look psychedelic or sober. Choosing the kitchen color scheme, is an important interior decorating aspect for any home. Let us look at the various color schemes for kitchens...
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Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Modern Classic Kitchen Design
Kitchen Room Interior With Brown Cabinets
"Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? No. Just as one can never learn how to paint." said the famous Pablo Picasso. You might not know how to paint, but you can still select the right kitchen color combinations, to produce that singing effect. Given below, are some factors which will help you select kitchen color scheme suited for your kitchen.
Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Kitchen Scheme
Choosing the right color schemes for kitchens is important, as they are one of the most visited places in the home. There are many questions you should ask before finalizing on schemes for kitchen like - will you like the mood the scheme will produce, does the scheme fits your budget, will it be easy to maintain the kitchen scheme, etc. Here, are some factors that will help determine colors for your kitchen.
If you have a small kitchen, then paint walls in colors that give an impression of bigger space. Use monochromatic colors for kitchen painting. White, light gray, blue and yellow are some of the shades which will open-up the space. To make a small kitchen look bigger, there should be plenty of kitchen lighting. If you want more sunlight, install an extra window or add bright white-colored artificial lights. Also, for a small kitchen maintain neat and long lines, and reduce the amount of clutter. For kitchens which are big in size, use dark-colored paints. Some color options are purple, maroon, brown, etc.
Choosing the kitchen design depends on the kitchen layout. For a long kitchen, avoid painting the kitchen in dark colors, instead stick to light colors and white cabinets. If your kitchen is square in shape, you can paint one kitchen wall with a dark color and the rest of the walls with light shades of the same color. This will draw attention to the dark-colored wall and make the space seem bigger. If you have a long kitchen, opt for a rectangular-shaped dining table. If you have a squarish kitchen, opt for a round or square-shaped table. Before buying kitchen cabinets, measure the dimensions of the area where you will be fitting the cabinets. Distribute kitchen appliances in such a way, that the overall space looks occupied, but not cluttered.
If you are on a tight budget, go for contemporary kitchen color ideas. Look for cheap kitchen furniture and try to select an affordable paint color. You don't have to buy too many ornamental things for the kitchen. Decent lights and a flower vase are sufficient as accents to make the kitchen look beautiful. For people, who can afford to spend on color schemes for kitchens, select theme kitchens like Tuscan, Italian, Country, etc.
Different color schemes for kitchens emanate different moods, so paint the kitchen in a color that brings about a mood that is positive. Go through sample pictures of kitchen schemes. Try to visualize the scheme in your kitchen. This will give you a rough idea and help you in selecting the scheme. For a calm look, use shades of white like off-white, or gray. If you want your kitchen to look cheerful, select a cheery color like sunshine yellow. If you want your kitchen to look bold, paint with colors like lavender, light cherry, aqua blue, or green.
If you are going to only cook in your kitchen, and eat in the living room, there is no need for excess furniture like a dining table or chairs in the kitchen, but if you are going to dine in the kitchen, keep a table which accommodates at least 4 people. It is advisable to invest in a round-shaped dining table as an extra guest can also be adjusted at the table. If your kitchen is a place where people like to sit and chat, then make it inviting by painting it in bright colors, and decorating it with flower pots, paintings, stencil art on the walls, etc. If you are worried about staining the walls, try these kitchen color ideas. Choose dark colors like brown, maroon, dark blue, etc. and a gloss or semi-gloss finish, since the finish will protect the wall against stains, and the colors will camouflage any major appearance disaster.
No matter which color scheme for kitchen you choose, arrange furniture and utensils in such a way that they are easy to maintain. Also, keep the products for kitchen cleaning handy. Take care that there are enough cabinets to store all the utensils. Keep things outside only if they serve decorative purposes. Use semi-gloss finish for your kitchen walls, as it is durable and can be scrubbed.
Kitchen and Home Interior
Always, match kitchen color scheme ideas with the home interiors. When you walk from one room into the kitchen, it should be a smooth transition of colors and not a shocking contrast (unless you are aiming at contrast). There has to be a harmony among the colors and designs in the house. So, try to match the wall colors, flooring, and furniture with the rest of your house.
Kitchen Color Schemes
There are many color schemes for kitchen. You can follow rules for a specific scheme, or break the rules and paint the kitchen in a new scheme.
Contemporary Scheme
Contemporary Scheme
Modern kitchens have either light-colored tiles, or medium-dark wooden flooring. Silver, or chrome are popular for handles and kitchen sinks. So, if you want to opt for a contemporary kitchen, the main focus should be on balancing things out. To balance the darkness of the furniture, paint the walls in light shades and vice versa. To complement the kitchen with black appliances, use a box-shaped table or kitchen islands. Along with the black appliances, you can also use chrome or silver handles and taps. Finally, to add balance to the bold black appliances in this kitchen, use soft and light-colored kitchen towels and curtains. For kitchen schemes with white cabinets, paint the walls a warm beige shade, which will highlight the color of the cabinets.
Tuscan Scheme
Tuscan Scheme
This kitchen design is a great choice for kitchen remodeling. Using this color scheme for kitchens is like imitating nature. To give your kitchen a Tuscan look, use colors like brown, green, red, or yellow on the walls. Use a stucco texture for a Tuscan scheme effect. Opt for light-colored curtains of Tuscan striped or checked pattern. Use wall tiles which have floral designs. Hang copper vessels for display. Accentuate the theme by adding wooden kitchen furniture. As a final touch, place a large-sized copper pot on the table.
Country Scheme
French country kitchen color designs are quite popular. This kitchen scheme gives an inviting and warm look. Use off-white color and stucco texture for the ceiling. Paint the walls in a butter-colored shade of yellow. Select weathered and stained cabinets. Display copper cookware in the kitchen, and use terracotta tiles. For the kitchen countertop, use earthy granite. Finally decorate with wrought iron chairs and a chandelier.
Choosing Scheme Using Software
Given above were the various tips on selecting the right kitchen scheme, and various popular kitchen schemes. If you have decided what sort of color scheme you want for you kitchen, then go with it. However, if still some doubt is lingering then consider using a software to try out various colors for your kitchen. Just search online for kitchen color scheme software, and you will come across many useful software. Download a trial version of any suitable software and upload your kitchen photos in it. User gets the choice to upload many photos. Once you have uploaded your photos, select individual walls or cabinets or other items in the kitchen and change their shade or colors. Combine colors together to see which colors look best together, try monochromatic schemes too. After experimenting with various color combinations you will come to realize the best possible color scheme for your kitchen. Save these files and then use them a reference when painting kitchen.

These were the most popular and preferred color schemes for kitchens. You can also try other themes like Italian or farmhouse. Choose a semi-gloss finish for the walls, after you are done painting the walls. Select sturdy flooring and furniture for the kitchen. So, transform your normal kitchen with any one of these attractive color schemes for kitchens, and enjoy the compliments you will get from everybody!
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Kitchen Design Home Interior
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