Best Kitchen Color Ideas

Aparna Jadhav Dec 15, 2018
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If you're considering to repaint your kitchen or to paint one in your new home, you will need some great ideas to do so. Here are some simple yet effective ideas, that might prove beneficial to suit your home color scheme.
Your kitchen has to be beautiful and presentable, considering that you spend quite an amount of your time there in cooking. The walls, cabinets and shelves, chimney, and the furniture should be schemed really well when you want it to look beautiful.
Choosing colors for the same can be very confusing, especially when you don't want to give it a monotonously similar shade as the rest of your house. Many say wooden cabinets and furniture go best with any shade of the walls and interiors, but not always.
You can have bright and colorful interiors to make them look pleasant. Furthermore, as light reflects with colors, painting your kitchen white is not always a great option.

Some Ideas

Colors are very pleasant and they brighten up the room by blending the interiors with their appearances. If you love to spend time in your kitchen cooking or simply just hanging around with friends or family, you should have light and descent shades.
To make the room look its best, keep separate shades for your walls, cabinets, utensils, other crockery, and furniture. A very organized and synchronous one looks classy but is not comfortable. Here are some unique ideas to choose from.
The first thing that you have to consider is your wall paint. This is important because the complete look would depend on the paint of the walls and the ceiling.


It is the best choice, as it matches with any furniture shade. It gives the walls a very simple touch and you can do a lot with it as a background shade. It also gives the liberty to choose the bright shades such as green and yellow for the cabinets and the chimney.


Blue is considered as the color of freedom and satisfaction. It gives the walls, a soothing and calm and makes the environment light. The lighter shade always looks better for walls instead of dark blue or navy blue shade. Try to make the ceiling white or light blue.


Shades of violet, purple, and lavender are great choices. There are a number of shades in this color, thus you will get a variety of choices. You can even mix these with white to give a very faint shade of violet, lilac and paint the ceiling to give a uniform look to the room.


Orange and yellow can be bright and pleasant day shades, that reflect sunlight and light up the room. They come in lighter and darker shades, you can choose accordingly. You can mix ivory for the ceiling and the dark shades for the walls to give an more reflecting look.

For Furniture and Crockery

The next aspect is the interior, that is the furniture and crockery. Here are some color combinations and suggestions that might prove useful for the entire finished look.


Cabinets and drawers can be painted brightly with yellow, green, orange, pink, blue, purple, and even red when the walls are ivory.
If they are painted, make your cabinets and other furniture of the exact opposite shade. Since almost half of the room consists of cabinets, these shades will look effective and give it an occupied look.


You can have the center table and the dining table of the same shade, mostly a wooden or a gray. These neutral shades always have a better effect on the overall appearance of the room.
You should always differentiate between the colors, as everything with similar shades looks boring and dull. Miss matching and using contrasting colors for the dining table, chairs, and the center table will brighten up the room irrespective of its size.


Your china and crockery sets should be elegantly colored and matching with the kitchen color scheme a bit. White and cream is the best choice for china and the everyday utensils can be steel.
Since steel is also a neutral shade it goes well with the chimney and the gas. Your coffee machine can be black or white, depending on the color coordination. You can always have glass crockery as well. Don't forget to decorate this room with vibrant flowers occasionally.
Considering the aforementioned ideas, you may have got a broader sight of choices. You can make it as interesting and beautiful you want it to be. As colors are the essence of every room, make the most out of them.
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