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Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Dec 3, 2018
Kitchen cabinets have undergone several changes over the centuries. From basic to ultramodern cabinets, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to cabinet design ideas. Let's see some popular styles.
Today's kitchens are decorated with a great taste. Beautiful themes are implemented throughout the kitchen. There are several styles, patterns, and materials of cabinets to choose from.
If you are confused about which style you should go for, you can opt for a combination of styles. Different styles blend well together, particularly in a large kitchen. You can get your cabinet from a home improvement store, or you can get it custom-made as per your taste. Custom designs allow you to implement innovative and unconventional styles.

Mission Style

These cabinets are great masterpieces of European craftsmanship. They became popular in the 20th century and are still a popular choice for people who look for versatile simplicity. Their elegant look goes well with almost all kitchen themes and styles.

Shaker Style

Ideal for antique collectors, with simple and clutter-free designs, they are available in traditional and frame-less styles. Cherry, maple or pine are the best suited woods  with old-fashion handles and knobs to preserve antiquity.

Country Style

These offer a warm cozy look. 'Country' is a broad term that incorporates several styles specific to a region. Recreate your own country kitchen. You can choose from American casual country, English country, French country, and formal country cabinets.

Italian Style

The Italian style is all about comfort and luxury, and Italian cabinets are no exception. They are a specimen of style, sophistication, and a lavish lifestyle. They have a sleek, modern, and uncluttered look.

Asian Style

This is a preferred style for homes in western countries. You can have them manufactured in Asia and get them delivered to your country. These cabinets are mostly made from recycled wood and are passed down as family heirlooms in Asian countries.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary cabinets have become a part of modern-day living. They are smart, convenient to use, and clutter-free. They may not be as decorative as their traditional counterparts, but they are impeccably made with clever use of lights and colors.

Ultramodern Style

If you are a tech-savvy person, then this style is for you. With this kind of cabinet you'll get anything you need at the push of a button. They look as if they have come out of a James Bond flick. Unfortunately, they are yet to be commercialized.
Cabinets are definitely an important part of your kitchen d├ęcor. You must choose the cabinet with great taste. You can also use a software to design the layout of your cabinets. These software eliminate the scope of errors while manufacturing the cabinets.