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Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Magnificent Cabinet Colors That'll Compliment Your Kitchen

Choosing some attractive cabinet colors is very important to give your kitchen the perfect look. Read on to know some bright and appealing color ideas.
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Last Updated: Jul 24, 2018
Light Wood Cabinets
Cabinets form the major chunk of kitchen furniture as that is where all the essentials are stored. They look organized and neat, and provide ample space for storing utensils, cutlery, and food items. As a part of interior designing, kitchen cabinet colors are also an important part of home decor.
Hence, when you are deciding on the wall colors of your kitchen, you have to keep in mind the color scheme of the furniture as well. Along with the usual cabinets with wooden finish, you can also go for modern painted cabinets, as they look very stylish and different. Take a look at some more interesting ideas mentioned here.
Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Colors
When you are thinking of redecorating your home to give it an entirely different look, it is a great idea to change everything. If you like bright colors, you can definitely choose them, but only if your interiors complement it. 
There are millions of shades for cabinet colors, which are hardly ever used, but look great nonetheless. Apart from the usual reds, blues, and greens, trying a mixture of colors could change the look of your kitchen in a unique way.
Popular Colors
Apartment Kitchen
There are many popular colors used to paint kitchen cabinets. These are neutral shades so that they match with any type of kitchen furniture, like a wooden dining table. These colors can be gray, beige, cream, lemon yellow, wooden brown, steel gray, etc.
Modern Orange Kitchen
There are other bright colors which are also very popular and are used on a large-scale, for example; blue, green, red, orange, mustard, pink, yellow, etc. 
Sometimes, the cabinets have glass doors so as to give them a showcase exterior. A stained glass on the doors of these cabinets would look perfectly classy for a modern kitchen.
Cabinet Colors with White Appliances
There are a variety of colored appliances in kitchens, like the microwave, coffee maker, chimney, dishwasher, and cooking stove. If the appliances are white, it is easier to choose cabinet colors because there is already a uniformity in the kitchen, and you have to do is find a common shade that will match these appliances, and use it for the cabinets. 
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A few colors which can be used are lemon green, yellow, teal, dark blue, red, orange, mustard, pink, purple, and wooden brown.
Cabinet Colors with Black Appliances
Similar to the white and steel-colored appliances, there are a few modern kitchens which are decorated with a basic black color for all the appliances. Black is a neutral color, and not many dark shades look good when paired with it. For this reason, painting the kitchen cabinets in a slightly light color would look perfect.
Modern Kitchen Interior
Colors like light blue, any shade of brown, violet, gray, mauve, light wooden brown, mustard, beige, light lemon-green, and ivory can be used. 
Modern Kitchen House Interior
These colors are not only unique, but also have a wide range of shades in them.
Making a choice for your kitchen cabinet colors can surely be a difficult job, as there are many other things you have to consider changing or matching. Therefore, make the right choice, and paint those cabinets in an expressive manner.