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Kitchen Bay Window Treatment Ideas

Aastha Dogra Jan 1, 2019
Make your kitchen bay window decorative, functional and a center of attention. How? By making use of the ideas suggested here.
Bay windows in a kitchen provide the much-needed respite from boredom which many a woman might feel while cooking. Through bay windows, a woman can look at the people and surroundings outside, while cooking some of the favorite dishes for her family.
Besides this, the best thing about bay windows is that they let the sunlight enter the kitchen in abundance. This makes the kitchen a cheery, bright place. It ups the hygiene quotient of the kitchen too! On top of this, if you make use of some creative ideas, it will lend an unmatchable beauty to your kitchen décor.

Innovative Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Window treatments are incorporated by people due to two main reasons. First, to enhance the décor of the kitchen and second, to maintain some privacy. These days, there are numerous ideas to choose from, such as curtains, drapes, blinds, shutters, amongst many others.


For those of you who prefer curtains as window treatments, one of the useful ideas is to go in for sheer curtains. As they are transparent, they will easily let the natural light in and offer partial privacy at the same time. Go for bright colors curtains like yellow and green.
The color and design of curtains should complement the paint on the kitchen walls, to get an even effect. The curtains for a kitchen window should be such that they can be completely tied back in the mornings, to get the maximum sunlight inside.


Another idea is to use wooden shutters. You can easily get the wooden shutters customized matching the window sizes. These days, wooden shutters which have some beautiful and unique designs painted on them are available. So, choose a lively design which fits nicely into your kitchen décor.
You can even go in for Roman shades which are made from fabrics. They add the much-needed beauty to the windows and are functional in the sense that they can be pulled down to maintain privacy and pulled up to let the light in.
These days, shutters made from metal and vinyl are available too. Shutters make for a good choice, especially if the size of the kitchen is small, as they do not occupy much space.


For those of you who want to add a bit of uniqueness and drama to the kitchen décor, a creative idea is to leave the bay windows bare and paint some innovative designs on the window frames. As kitchen is one place which does not require much of a privacy, this creative idea can definitely be put to use, particularly by those who do not want to spend much!


To add on to these window treatments, keep a flower vase on the window sill. To add freshness and sweet smell to your kitchen, keep fresh flowers in the vase and change them everyday. If there is no furniture item near the bay window and you have a large kitchen, keep two large decorative plants on both the sides of the bay window.
When it comes to decorating kitchen bay windows, the rule of the thumb is, not to make them stuffy. Do not use over the top and heavy treatments. Keep them minimal and at the same time, creative so that they add on to the beauty of your kitchen interiors.
If you want something personalized, something that adds warmth to your kitchen interiors, hand paint a fabric yourself. Make some fruits, vegetables, cutlery and utensils on it and hang it as a blind over the bay window!