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Kitchen Bay Window Decorating Ideas

Pragya T Jan 11, 2019
With some simple decorations you can make your kitchen bay window look even more attractive and appealing.
Bay windows in a kitchen allow a lot of natural light to filter in. This helps to make the kitchen room appear brighter and more attractive. However, sometimes you might want to block the light or pull the blinds for privacy. There are various options of drapes, curtains, blinds, etc. as window coverings for bay windows.
Also, with the window coverings consider some unique window treatment ideas for bay window like placing a plant or some unique accents. This will make the kitchen space near the bay window look even more attractive and also serve as a focal point. Don't know how to do it? Here are some simple and unique ideas.

Ideas for Decorating a Kitchen Bay Window

Consider using some organdy curtains of off white color. On the window sill keep a glass vase with delicate flowers of different color. This simple and breezy treatment will go with various home decors.
Here is an earthy window treatment. Use tie-back window of brown color. Then place few flower pots to complete décor.
If your dining and kitchen area is combined, and the kitchen bay window is far away from the cooking space, then you can consider some rich swag valance treatment. Try a beautiful scarf valance treatment. Keep the fabric long so that it falls on the floor. Silk is a rich material which you can use for the fabric.
If you are a person who likes to use eco-green things, then consider using some natural fabric like hemp, jute, or bamboo fabric. Choose a natural color of the fabric. Then place on two corners of the bay window pots containing bamboo plants.
In case the cooking area is near the bay window then use these ideas. Use synthetic roller shades. Use the shades of fabric which have bright and bold patterns on them. These are easy to clean and easy to use. So, even it they get dirty or get stained you can easily wash them.
Keep the window bare. Paint the window frame white or any light base color. With a darker color draw some intricate design on it. If you want to complement it with covering, then go for very light drapes.
For a Zen theme consider using bamboo blinds as bay window coverings. Then keep black tea cups on the window sill. If you want you can place a lucky bamboo in one corner for additional décor.
If you have a garden facing bay window, you can keep the dining table very near the window. Keep two decorative lamps on each side. If you want window coverings then use tie-back curtains. This way you can enjoy looking into garden while you enjoy your breakfast in the morning.
You can also look for some fun looking fabric or paint on fabrics to show a kitchen related design. Something liker forks, eggs, dishes, etc. can be used to paint on the fabric. Then use this fabric to make pull down blinds for the window.
Make sure you keep the decor light and attractive. Adding some green plant in a vase will make the bay window space look more natural and appealing. And the most important thing to remember is to match the window treatment of the bay window with the rest of the kitchen space, so that you see a harmonious window treatment with the kitchen decor.
So, create a beautiful looking bay window treatment in your kitchen space and enjoy the compliments!