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Kitchen Banquette Ideas

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Dec 17, 2018
Kitchen banquette is a recent trend in kitchen interiors that has become quite popular.
A kitchen is the busiest place in the house. Unfortunately, it is also the most challenged room in terms of space. The large kitchen appliances, along with the dining set eat up a substantial space. You cannot do anything about it. But, you can certainly free the space occupied by a bulky dining set.
The word 'banquette' is derived from the German word which means 'bench.' Kitchen banquette seating is a simple arrangement of a bench and tabletop.
This set up not only looks very trendy, but also takes up less space in the kitchen,  giving it a feel of having a larger space.

Know Your Purpose

Although, banquettes are essentially meant for eating together for family members, they are now serving an additional purpose of entertaining guests.
Likewise, people are getting them built in their living rooms, libraries, and studies. If you are going to use it as an eatery in kitchen, make sure the upholstery and fabrics can stand the rough usage. You can opt for fabrics like leather or linoleum.

Select a Design

Banquette design primarily depends upon the available space. There are a myriad kitchen banquette designs to cater to the needs of every household. Kitchen banquettes can fit in perfectly, even in the smallest kitchen.
If you don't have a space enough for building a banquette, then set 2 parallel benches on either side of the tabletop.
Large, semi circular banquettes look apt in spacious kitchens. You can add some chairs. Build the bench along the wall containing the window and set the chairs on the open space opposite the bench.

Select a Seating

Seating is the most important aspect of banquette style. Since, banquettes create an informal ambiance, you can go for a cozy seating arrangement.
Soft cushions with large pillows look perfect. Ideally, seating should be at least 18-20 inches from the floor, with a leg room of 2 feet, per person. The tabletop should rise 29-31 inches above the ground level.

Choose a Place

Placement of the banquette is very important, as it decides the utility of the banquette. Do not build the banquette close to the work table as it might disrupt the working.
Usually, a corner beside a window provides the most suitable place. Also, an adjoining corridor overlooking a patio or garden provides a scenic option for setting up your banquette arrangement.

Select Proper Upholstery

The fabric of seats should be sturdy, easy to clean and withstand rough usage. Vinyl covers satisfy these and offer a variety of colors. Large, beautifully decorated, fluffy pillows create a perfectly ambiance. The upholstery should be comfortable to sit.