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King-size Bed Dimensions

King-size Bed Dimensions - All You Need to Know

It is essential that you know the dimensions of king-size bed, before you order one. This article will give you the rundown on their standard dimensions.
Omkar Phatak
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
People who believe in living life king-size should sleep in king-size beds! That may not necessarily be the case of course. Nothing is more important than a good comfortable sleep to charge you up. When you think of sleep, you think of a nice made up bed and if it's king-size, it is all the better.
Bed dimensions are an important factor in deciding whether to make them a part of your bedroom. The reason is that the enormity of a king-size bed makes it essential that you also have a large bedroom, which makes it necessary that you own a king-size apartment and so on. That also need not be the case of course, but I was just highlighting the fact that when you want more, it transcends into every aspect of life. Basically, size does matter. Bedroom furniture has to be planned and given due thought as it's an important part of our comfort zone.
So, what is so special about a king-size bed? The king attribute comes from the fact that the mattress and overall dimensions of this bed, are the largest of all the types available. In short, it's the largest of bed sizes which you may order, fit for a king! The dimensions might differ from place to place depending on the manufacturers. Some people even order custom-made ones. Dimensions of beds, of the custom-made type can be made to conform to your bedroom dimensions.
A structure of a bed is pretty much standardized nowadays. It consists of a mattress which is laid on top of a box spring, which has a bed frame under it, forming the support structure. The box spring is a huge box of the same dimensions, as the mattress, made up of wood and springs. It constitutes the support system of the bed. A king-size bed is particularly suited for couples who need adequate sleeping space for themselves. It can easily and comfortably accommodate two people. It is often difficult to get them through narrow corridors and staircases. One way out of this king-size dimensions problem is assembling the bed inside the bedroom itself, from the assembly parts.
The king-size mattress is also known as 'Standard King' or 'Eastern king' in USA. On West coast, a king-size mattress is also known as 'California King'. The Eastern king is the original and popular size.
Standard King-size
This is the ideal choice for a couple looking for a bedding of adequate width for their bedroom. Width wise, it's the most spacious of all bedding sizes. Here are the dimensions of standard king-size beds (These length and width values are approximate. There may be a slight variation depending on the manufacturer)

Standard King-size Bed Dimensions in Inches/cm/Feet: 80" (long) x 76" (wide)/203 cm (long) x 193 cm (wide)/6.66 ft (long) x 6.33 ft (wide)
California King-size
Being the longest variety of all bedding sizes, the California King-size is ideally suited for tall people. Here are the dimensions:

California King-size Bed Dimensions in Inches/cm/Feet: 84" (long) x 72" (wide)/213 cm (long) x 183 cm (wide)/7 ft (long) x 6 ft (wide)
Measure out your room and bed. Have the dimensions with you, before you go shopping. That way, you will certainly find a bedding which fits your room and bed correctly.