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Ideas for Decorating Kids' Bedroom

Kashmira Lad Nov 24, 2018
Here are some decorating ideas for kids' bedrooms, which can be quite a lot of fun.
The bedroom is the place where one probably spends a major portion of his/her life when one is at home. Therefore, planning for the right décor can help in the long in creating a comfortable environment for members of your family.
When it comes to children, one has to take utmost care to plan the design and use the right materials. It should be safe for a baby and really spunky to please any teenager. Check out the decorating ideas for kids' bedrooms given ahead.

Baby Room Decor

You can choose from a variety of topics that need to be visually soothing and pleasing to the eye for your little one. Cartoon characters, like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, and Winnie the Pooh are some of the most popular ones that can adorn the walls or even the bedding
Another option would be to go in for fantasy themes. Pretty pink fairies or Aladdin in the magical world will add to the charm to the room. Have an aquatic theme to bring in some cool blues and refreshing greens.
Use cute ocean animals, sea theme murals, theme bedding, and unique bed canopies to turn your room into an aquarium. Coordinate with suitable wall hangings, toys and wallpapers. Many shapes of flowers and floral patterns can be used.
The space can be converted into hues of realistic, graphic or cartoon floral designs. If this is fussy then plan a way, which will require few changes once your child starts growing up.

Tween Room Decor

First consider the nature of your child before embarking upon any new ventures for his/her room. Your tween would probably have the best solution for this.
The decor has to be fun, giving a flow to his creativity. For somebody who loves sports, you can use some sports' equipment in a creative way. Hang a hoop if he/she loves basketball, or use a hockey stick as a curtain rod.
If he/she is completely into music, you can plaster some cool posters on the walls or even reserve a special portion of the wall to display the guitar. If your child simply loves the sand and the surf, you can translate this into a theme, and use it as an innovative decor option.
Get a mural or better still, get stencils that your child can use, and display his/her own talent on a particular portion of the wall. It can have the palm trees, sandy beaches, and the cool, blue seas.
Your dainty daughter may prefer a special area to display her stuffed animals and dolls. An easy access to these items would also help the room to remain neat and tidy at all times.
Pretty lacy curtains and a display area for her favorite dress or bonnet can do the trick. The bottom line is to converse with your tween and find the best possible option.

Teenage Room Decor

This is definitely one of the phases when your child will consider himself to be an adult without actually being one. The decor themes for your teenager should border on being fun with a touch of maturity as well.
No teen would like to be treated like a child, so do plan it out before you take the plunge. He/she will definitely appreciate the faith you have bestowed in him/her.
Time to push away the showy display of the toys. Bring out the denims, since they form the next skin for most teens. Different paint techniques are available for denim looking walls. Or, you can simply use denim trimmings on the pillow covers. Rip up an old denim jean, and use it for the cords or cover the chair with it.
Most teens by this stage are heavily influenced by Hollywood, and tend to grow out of it as time flies by! You can get Hollywood straight into the room with movie posters , props and movie memorabilia.
Add lots of shimmer, sequins, glitz, and glamor to make this room befit a Hollywood star. Though a little lavish to some, you can even have cinema-style seating and decorate the furniture with some jewels.
Bring the deserts and the oasis in the room with an Egyptian theme. Think Cleopatra, unique artifacts, wall paintings, and exotic fabrics with animal prints. The lighting and the color used for the rooms would aide to create a tropical atmosphere, and teen can feel like a true Egyptian King or Queen.
Kids' bedroom décor have gone beyond just the plain obvious. Keep the budget in mind before you plan your theme. Safety should be the prime concern when it comes to dealing with tiny tots. Be creative and watch the smile unfold on his/her lips.