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Kids' Bathroom Ideas

Puja Lalwani Dec 11, 2018
All parents want to have the best home and room for their child. Take a look at the various kids' bathroom ideas; for now, the want for the best has gone beyond the home into the bedroom, and further into the bathroom.
The childhood is one of the most formative periods in one's life. It is a stage where everything leaves an impression on their mind. It might seem insignificant, but it is true that one has to be careful of what exactly goes into designing a kid's bathroom, so as to create the right impression on the child's mind.
If you decided to give your kid's bathroom a makeover, compile everything and make it the best you could. It is a challenge, to give your child what he/she wants. It may require 2 months, that's right, 2 months, to get the entire project completed. Don't be disheartened. The time factor is really subjective, depending on the scale of your decoration.


Today, kids' bathroom decor has become a niche in itself. The variety available in the market is mind-boggling. Kids are spoiled for choice. These were some of the themes we explored before we zeroed in on the final one.
  • Butterfly Theme - Fluttering butterflies and colorful ones too, all in different sizes.
  • Flower Power - Similar to the butterflies, a variety of flowers that ensure a colorful experience.
  • Mermaids - A combination of mermaids and fish, making it a perfect underwater experience.
  • Princess - A real royal bath for your little princess.
While shopping, we also came across some themes for little boys.
  • Space - Transported to another universe altogether.
  • Pirates - For the little ones who are obsessed with pirates.
  • Cars and Trucks - Perfect for boys enthralled by speed.
  • Sports - Add in the flavor of his favorite sport.
These themes transform the bathroom into a different world by itself, and make the little ones who refuse to take a bath, want to spend the whole day in it. For those who may find it a little pricey to invest in full-fledged themes, purchase a kit comprising shower curtains, towels, soap dispensers, and toothbrush holders, belonging to various themes.


Once we zeroed in on a theme, there were certain things we had to take into consideration before going ahead and decorating the bathroom. It is important to ensure the child's safety. Decor is important, but safety should be first on the list.
Also, it should be designed in such a way so as to make the child independent, and reduce stress that parents may experience during the growing years of their kids.


When you think of a theme, ensure that it is easy to maintain, because that is something that you have to do. For instance, using fancy towels to match the decor will not help, as kids have a tendency of dirtying things around them.
Also, if you intend to use wallpaper in your kid's bathroom, ensure that it is at a height that they cannot easily reach, to be able to maintain its cleanliness. Another option is to use a textured paint to draw attention away from the stains that may appear on the walls.


Having a theme is value addition to the actual purpose of a bathroom, i.e., functionality. It is important that your kid is able to use everything conveniently without having to struggle to reach for things.
For instance, having a step stool to reach the wash basin is a good idea. We wouldn't suggest low basin counter tops, as kids tend to grow at a very fast pace, and changing the design as per their growth does not seem very feasible.
Try to use anti-skid tiles and place anti-slip mats around the area to ensure safety of the kids. Having lights that are activated on sensors will save your child the trouble of reaching up to the light switch, every time he or she has to use the bathroom at night.


Avoid the exercise of taking toys to the bathroom every time for a fun bath, by creating ample storage under the counter or next to the bathtub, for toys and other accessories. Avoid the use of high shelves, because, in an endeavor to reach those shelves, your kid may hurt himself or herself. Laundry bins can be convenient for you and your little one.
Sometimes, we tend to get carried away with the variety of themes that are available. However, when looking into these ideas, we forget that kids also outgrow these themes. However, this does not mean that it is wrong to invest in a theme. Childhood is experienced only once.
However, if you think that you do not want to redesign your kid's bathroom every few years, try to use color combinations that they will grow into. Accessories are relatively easier to change, so incorporate a theme with those.
Whatever you may choose, keep in mind the given factors. These are basic settings around which you can design a uniquely beautiful bathroom for the apple of your eye.