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Japanese Soaking Tub

Megha Tiwari Jan 1, 2019
Wondering what a Japanese soaking tub is? Read on to find out the features and benefits of Japanese soaking tubs.
Bathtubs are the most amazing elements of a bathing space. No matter whether it is a lazy morning or a tired evening, soaking yourself in one is a truly relaxing experience.
Designer bathtubs even add to the beauty of existing bathroom decor. From simple average-sized bathtubs to the most advanced and large ones with jacuzzi fittings, you have much more to choose from nowadays.

Japanese Bathtubs

Ofuro Hot Tubs

Relaxation has now quintessential in today's hectic schedule where every individual is struggling with time and work, one does not find time to relax in peace. But this should not be ignored and must be given due importance, for health is wealth.
Ofuro hot tubs are the best to keep the body calm and relaxed. These are superior than the standard ones used centuries ago. They were originally made of Hinoki wood, but are now made with different materials. They have gained popularity, as they give you a feel of spa treatment without spending much.
These tubs discourage the use of soaps and other chemicals to avoid damaging tub material. You can choose shapes like oval, rectangular, and square that can easily fit into a medium-sized bathroom. A depth of twenty-six to twenty-eight inches makes them very similar to deep soaking bathtubs. Hot water with added essential oils stimulates blood circulation.

Wooden Tubs

For relaxation and spa treatment in minimum cost, wooden tub is the best and the most popular one. Right from the inception of these tubs, they have been known worldwide for providing comfort and relaxation.
In ancient times, Hinoki wood was used for making these, but now other durable materials, like natural cedar wood, are used. It serves the purpose of soaking tub, as well as adds a fashion statement to the bathroom d├ęcor. These tubs come in different shapes, like square, oval, elliptical, and rectangular.
The soap and other chemical should be avoided to keep the tubs in good shape, unlike normal bathtubs. Nowadays, these have an addition heating system to relax in hot water.

Small Tubs

This tub is small in size and easily fits into small or medium-sized bathrooms. You can place it in the corner of the bathroom to get more space to move around. They can even be placed next to regular bath tubs for relaxation after body cleaning.
Like wooden tubs, these are also available in square, oval, elliptical, and rectangular shapes, and are twenty-eight inches deep. The use of chemical has to be avoided to keep the tub in a good condition. Essential oils can be used to enhance the blood circulation and keep the skin glowing after the hot bath.
The trend of making small tubs has changed a lot. As with the other two varieties, they were made of Hinoki wood, but now it is a combination of natural and synthetic material.
These Japanese tubs have become popular due to their benefits. Traditional soaking tubs have been remodeled according to the modern necessities with additional attachments, like in-line heater and a neck pillow. The tubs with jets are ergonomically designed to provide complete relaxation and comfort to the body. So, why don't you bring home one for yourself?