Italian Kitchen Decor Ideas

Aastha Dogra Dec 15, 2018
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Planning to decorate your kitchen in Italian style? Here are some useful and creative tips for the same.
Both Italian food as well as culture are most sought after the world over. That is why we have so many lovers for all things Italian, who want to decorate their houses, especially their kitchens in Italian style.
Whenever someone mentions Italian kitchen decor, the first images that come to the mind are of grassy hillsides of Tuscany, aromatic food being cooked in old earthen pots, grapes, and wines. An Italian kitchen decor is all this and much more. This kitchen is not only known for its beauty, but also for its warmth and coziness.



The colors used should be such that they remind you of an Italian countryside. So, when painting the walls, selecting curtains, or choosing accessories, go in for blues, greens, earthy tones that depict grassy hillsides and sky.
You can also use colors, such as orange, red, and yellow to add warmth. Purple is another color that is widely used in Italian decor, mostly because of the prevalence of a large number of lavender fields in Italy.

Wall Decor

An artistically done wall art can give an authentic Italian look to kitchen. Decorating the walls with beautiful art pieces that portray the rural life, hill sides, wineries, etc., will look really good. Getting a large wall mural is another option for you.
A mural is art work that gives the illusion of a multidimensional area and hence, if you decide to get it done on the walls, it will give a unique look to your kitchen. If a wall mural is something that does not fit in your scheme of things, you can even go in for the smaller tile murals, which can easily be mounted on your walls as well as counter tops.


The furniture in an Italian kitchen should have an old world feel to it. A good option would be to have lots of wooden chairs or large wooden benches for seating, where the family can sit and spend time together.
A wooden chest of drawers, shelf, or cabinets to keep cookbooks and other cookery stuff are some other furniture items that can be used.

Center Island

Another creative idea is to have a center island, with lots of stools around it, where children can take cooking lessons from their mothers and grandmothers. In Italy, food recipes are shared among generations and the same trend can be continued in your kitchen.
Also, they are known for their comfortable settings, so you can add a country styled sofa to your Tuscan Italian kitchen decor to make it a place where lots of time can be spent together by the family members, bonding and talking over food.

Rustic Decor

If you want to give a kind of a rural look, then add accessories, such as hanging grapes, hanging garlic bulbs, old Italian style clocks, wall plaques that have your personal favorite quotes or some known Italian quotes on them.
Adding wall plates with some designs, such as earthen pots or women cooking traditional Italian food, to your kitchen walls would also look great.

Modern Decor

If you want a contemporary, modern Italian decor, then go in for lots of stainless steel shelves on the walls for hanging/keeping utensils. Italian kitchens have stainless steel countertops. For modern look, use furniture made of metal or wrought iron.
To add to the overall appeal of the kitchen, place lots of baskets with fresh fruits and vegetables in it on the center island or on the wooden dining table. Also, hang as much greenery as you can from the ceiling of the kitchen.
The Italian kitchen is a place where the entire family and even the guests feel welcomed and they sit together, eat, and talk. It is a perfect place to harbor relationships and also to create everlasting memories.
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