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Benefits of Using Interlocking Carpet Tiles

Benefits of Using Interlocking Carpet Tiles

Carpet has evolved over a period of time and emerged in a newer and more convenient form, as interlocking carpet tiles. Learn here, why you should try them as a flooring option and all the benefits they provide.
Puja Lalwani
When it comes to flooring, there are lots of varieties available. Over a period of time, the types of flooring have evolved to make the process of installation, use, and maintenance much simpler. While carpets have always been a great choice for home owners; an easier to use option that is now available is that of interlocking carpet tiles. These have been found to be highly convenient for do-it-yourself projects and easy to maintain too.
How Does it Work?
Interlocking carpet tiles are exactly like carpet tiles, except that they have an excellent feature that make them so easy to use ― the ability to interlock. All tiles have a feature that allow them to be locked among each other, which means they don't even need to be affixed to the floor. They can be used for what are known as floating floors, where the flooring material can be simply placed without having it affixed.
The Benefits
Lesser Wastage: With interlocking carpet mats, you don't have to buy rolls of carpet, which sometimes you purchase in excess leading to a huge waste, and spend large amounts of time pasting them. All you have to buy is the exact number of tiles you require, based on the measurement of the room, and use a utility knife to cut off any excess that may occur around the edges.

Cost-effective: Though carpet tiles are slightly more expensive than carpet rolls, the cost-effectiveness emerges from the fact that you need to buy only how much you need, and not an excess. Further, when purchasing them online, you are likely to get discounted rates as compared to the market price. As such, it is definitely a more cost-effective option to the regular carpet.
Perfect for Small Areas: In smaller areas, where carpet installation is difficult, they come to the rescue.

Unique Design Patterns: Because of their wonderful ability to interlock among each other, you can create unique design patterns, especially if they are printed or have interesting textures or patterns on them. For instance, the weave look can easily be created, as can many others. It all depends on your creativity, and how far you want to go to make this design look unique.
Minimal Maintenance Issues: One of the biggest benefits is, that they can be easily maintained. For instance, if one of them gets irreversibly damaged, all you have to do is replace that tile, without having to engage in menial carpet repair jobs. Further, cleaning is extremely simple, as each piece can be cleaned individually, so you don't need huge carpet shampoo machines or anything of that sort. It's a simple job you can perform yourself.
The only issue to consider is the area they are used in. For instance, basement flooring may be a good option for their use. Also, they come in other varieties like rubber and plastic, apart from the regular ones. More often than not, they are most suitable as flooring options for home interior or office cabin use.