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Interior Window Trim Styles

Pragya T Jan 8, 2019
An interior window trim style should match the home decor. There are many styles of interior window trims, right from simple to elaborate ones. Various such interior window trim designs and installation methods thus expand your range and vision and ultimately give you a plethora of ideas.
Window trims can be kept simple or can be made look exquisite. There have been elaborate window trim styles used during the Victorian era, and during the 20s simple craftsman style window trims became popular.
A window trim can be made of many materials, can be installed in different ways and can be made with various designs. It can be customized to match the style of your home, or you can go with the simple designs available in the stock.
It is easy to trim a window, and if you are a DIY enthusiast you can create an interior window trim yourself. It gives a finished look to window, and can even be used as an accent in a particular room.

Styles of Interior Window Trims

A mitered joint technique is the one where four pieces of lumber are cut at the insides at a 45 degree angle. These angled cuts help to fix the four sides of the window.
This gives a very good finished look, and with a good paint job the trim can look as if the whole wooden strips are one whole piece. However, care needs to be taken when installing mitered window trim, because if the alignment or surfaces are uneven then it won't give a finished look.
One of the most popular and simple looking interior window trim is the craftsman style. This is one of the most common type of window trims, because it is easy to install and affordable.
This simplistic design is implemented in numerous households wherein the lintel (horizontal beam) used is wider than a typical molding which is mitered and fastened to the very top. This gives a regal effect to the window. Sides of the window trim and the bottom end of the window trim can be mixed with fluted pieces or with a plain piece at the bottom.
Another way to install the trim is by installing corner blocks. This also is an easy way to install a window trim. This kind of molding style can be made to look decorative by addition of rosettes.
Rosettes are designs on the corner blocks which can be of any shape, but are mostly of circular design. These design can be either raised or inset in the block. So, you can use solid or rosette corner blocks and then install a solid or fluted molding between the blocks to create a trim.
Two other styles of interior window trim moldings are the butt joint and the overhung butt joint. In the butt joint molding style standard dimensional lumber is used.
The top and bottom pieces are made to go beyond the windows edge so that the side pieces run into them. This is a simple window style when it comes to looks, and even simpler when it comes to installation. Overhung butt joint style has a top molding which extends slightly beyond the side pieces, which creates the look of a header over the window.
You can get the window trims made in traditional wood, but if you want window trims which are low on maintenance then go with vinyl trims. Vinyl trims can be cleaned easily and don't decay unlike wooden trims.
However, wooden trims look more natural. Also, wooden trims can be carved or painted on with various elegant designs, which can make the window trim look even more beautiful.