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Interior Painting Ideas for Bedrooms

Interior Painting Ideas for Bedrooms
If you want to enjoy and relax at home, paint your bedroom in soothing colors, with creative and interesting designs on them. Here are some ideas that you can choose from...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2018
Bedroom With Bright Neon Green Walls
Bedroom is one of the most favorite place in the world for almost everyone. We relax in our bedrooms, watch TV, read, and talk to our family members. We carry on a lot of personal activities in this space of our house. So, while painting the interiors of our bedrooms, we should go in for colors that reflect our personality.
This does not mean that you end up painting the room bright red. Keeping the impact of colors on the surroundings and on the mood of the inhabitants is equally important. For all those who have taken the task of painting a bedroom, a bit of knowledge of color psychology is a must. There are basically 3 kinds of colors, i.e., warm, cool , and neutral colors.
Warm Colors
Red and orange bedroom
Bright colors like yellow, red, and orange are considered warm colors. They add energy and vibrancy to a room. They make the room look dark and small. So, experts will recommend you to avoid painting your bedroom with these colors.
Cool Colors
Bedroom in provence style
Green, blue, and all pastel shades like light pink and light purple fall in this category. Cool colors are believed to have a soothing effect on the mind and body. If they are used for a bedroom, they can relax and calm the persons living in it.
Muted Colors
Modern bedroom interior
Neutral colors like gray, beige, skin color, and brown fall in this category. They offer stability and comfort to the room surroundings. They can also suppress the effect of bright colors used in the accessories or fabrics in the room.
Looking at the effect these colors have, cool colors are the most suited to paint bedrooms. Neutral colors are comforting, provided they are paired with some bright and interesting looking accessories and fabrics. Here are some colors and combinations that are in vogue.
Pink with black and white teenager's girls room
Pink is often used for painting a girl's room, although, it looks equally good for master bedroom too. As various shades are available, paint 3 walls in light pink and the fourth one in a hot, bolder pink. This will make your room look interesting and come alive.
Yellow and White
Bright Bedroom
Yellow is a warm color, which can make the surroundings excitable and energetic, instead of relaxing as they should be. Still, if balanced with white accessories and fabrics, as well as some white murals on the wall, it can make your bedroom look very cheerful.
Green and Blue
Cheerful bedroom interior with bright green and blue walls
Both green and blue are soothing colors. Many people do not use them in combination, as they appear to be in contrast to one another. In reality, painting the bedroom in lighter shades like these can give it a unique feel.
Keeping all the walls light green and painting the ceiling in sky blue with some white stars stenciled on it will give a natural feeling.
White and Red
Interior of a luxury hotel room
If you are someone who wants a tinge of energy in the bedroom, painting the walls in white, and making designs on them in warm colors such as red is a good idea.
Making circles of various sizes with red paint on the four corners, while keeping the room walls plain white, will even out the effect of warm color, and at the same time, the warm color will lend energy to the room. With this color combination, keep the room accessories red and white as well.
Sponge painting, faux painting, making hand prints on one of the walls, stripes, polka dots, geometric designs, murals, trees and leaves―do whatever you want on your bedroom walls, as long as it does not overwhelm the surroundings or makes the room appear cramped. It is your personal sanctuary, paint it with creative designs and colors that are totally you.