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Interior Painting Design Ideas

Interior Painting Design Ideas
While renovating a house, choosing the right paint color is an important component in designing. But there are many more ways to add interest to the walls and ceilings of a room. Interior painting techniques like wall stenciling and faux painting techniques can transform the look of a room.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Dec 06, 2018
Painting and decorating
One of the key components in interior design is the use of paint colors on the walls and ceiling of a room. Good paint selection is essential for creating the right look and ambiance in a room.
But sometimes just painting the walls in a good color scheme is not enough. To enhance the ambiance of the room and to provide visual impact, you need good ideas.
Adding textures or patterns to the wall gives the room a focal point. But make sure that you add a faux wall finish or design on only one of the walls of a room. Too much of detail on the walls can make the room look museum-like and claustrophobic.
Home Interior Painting Designs
Painting in Stripes
A good way to inject a bit of color in a room is by opting for a striped wall. Painting one of the walls of a room in soft stripes can help to make the room look more attractive. The best thing about decorating with stripes is that you can use it to make a room look more proportional.
modern living room
If you have a small room with a low ceiling, then paint one of the walls in vertical stripes in light or neutral colors. This will make the room look larger and more spacious. For a large room, painting horizontal stripes will make the room look more cozy and elegant.
While choosing the colors for a striped wall, make sure that the colors are complementary. Loud colors are not suited for this painting technique. For a bit of variation, choose three to four colors to paint the stripes, and make sure that the width of the alternating stripes are the same.
Painting an Accent Wall
Painting one of the walls of a room with a bold and vibrant color is a good interior painting design idea for a utilitarian room, like a study or sunroom. When you are afraid to experiment with bold colors, but want to use a splash of bright color in a room, then paint one of the walls of the room in a bright color.
Colors that work well are strawberry red, moss green, teal, and chocolate. Try to incorporate the same shades in furnishings, window treatments, and accessories for a balanced look.
Painting a Wall Mural
Painting a wall mural is one of the best interior painting ideas for a playroom. You can hire a professional who can paint a design of your choice on the walls, or you can do it yourself. It is best to first decide upon the design that you would like to have on the walls.
Preschool kids Room
For a kids' room, you should consult your children on the kind of pattern and color combination that they would like. A big mural on the wall often becomes the focal point of a room. So it should be balanced by the use of simple and unpatterned drapes and accessories.
Sponge Painting
If you are looking for a wall finish with a soft and subdued texture, then opt for sponge painting. It is not a difficult technique to learn, and even a novice can do a very good job. For best results, choose pearl or satin finish paint in contrasting colors.
Paint the darker color on the walls with a traditional paint brush or roller. When the paint is dry, dip a piece of sponge in water and then in the lighter paint. Dab the paint in any pattern you like over the wall. It is best to start from one end of the wall to the other to avoid smearing the paint.
You can create patterns like clouds and swirls on the wall for a more dramatic effect. Combinations like mustard and brown, purple and gray, and sea green and lime work well in sponge painting.
Stenciling the Walls
Bedroom style
Stenciling has gotten a bad reputation as a wall decoration idea, with many people associating it with a cluttered and kitschy look. But when you choose the right stencils and colors, it can enhance the look of any room.
Instead of going for a big pattern, opt for a border in a simple motif like leaves or shells. These small stencils on the top or bottom half of the wall look whimsical and romantic. For an all white room, choose periwinkle blue, tangerine, or celery-green paint to stencil the walls.
Using any of these ideas can transform the look of a room. Select a suitable color scheme as well as a painting technique to give a room an attractive look.