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Interior Paint Colors for 2019

Puja Lalwani Feb 8, 2019
If you think it's time to revamp your home, this is the time to do it. Since a fresh palette of colors is making its way into 2019, consider painting your home in accordance with this palette. Have a look at the colors that are sure to rule the world of interior painting this year.
Trends change every year in every field that requires the mind to be creative. The world of interior designing then, is not left far behind, as colors that had been dormant for a while now re-emerge to captivate you with their effects. This year, the focus is mainly on connecting with nature in all its glory, in the home.
As such, the popular interior paint colors for 2019 reflect this trend, in that they are cool, calm and soothing, though the vibrant nature of some cannot be overlooked. Compiled based on the opinion of interior painting and color experts, we bring to you the hottest colors for interiors this year.
However, before seeing these colors, first learn how to choose the right color, so that you can make the right decision when revamping your home. It has always been maintained in the world of interior designing, that personal taste should be given preference over the raging trends.
However, sometimes you simply desire to be as trendy as the world demands you to be and there is no harm in that. As far as you are comfortable with it, the variety to choose from is vast. Now that you've decided that you want to get with it and have your rooms painted in the colors that are trending this year, here are some thumb rules you need to know.

How to Choose Colors for Your Interior

➤Balance the color of wall with colors of fabrics, accessories and furniture. Always look at the bigger picture. Your room is not made up of only walls but of flooring, furniture, accessories, drapes and the other decor as well.
➤ Decide the kind of paint finish you want. You can choose from a matte or glossy finish as per your preference; some colors look better in a glossy finish than in a matte finish.
➤ Apply a sample of paint on the walls before painting the whole wall in a particular color. This gives you a rough idea of how the color will look in the overall scheme of things.
Here is a palette of colors that will explain exactly what colors home experts are popularizing this year. The focus is on connecting with nature and slowing down in this fast-paced life along with a flash of a bright, vibrant color.
Of course, the area you use it in will make all the difference when it comes to achieving the desired, perfect look. Here's a look into the colors you should be trying out this year.

From the Earth...

Getting in touch with the earthy side of nature is what defines one of the most powerful color palettes this year.
A neutral palette is always welcome by those who don't like to be overpowered by color, rather soothed by it. Neutral shades of gray or beige can easily be combined with any vibrant shade, and can be used in almost any area of the house without looking jarring. Bask in the calmness that this soothing palette has to offer.

...To the Sky...

Whether it is the earth or the sky, the aspect of nature you want to connect with completely depends on you.
Shades of blue, both soft and vibrant are currently dominating the scene in the world of interior painting; and to balance the softness of this color, experts suggest using brighter colors to offset the beauty of the overall interior space. The idea is to create a balanced contrast so that you are comforted when you enter that particular space.

...And a Splash of Color

Life without colors would be really bland and knowing where to add the right amount of bright color is what defines the beauty of a space. All the colors must balance each other. You can use bright to muted shades of orange, pink, purple, yellow etc. to beautifully decorate your walls.

Into the wild...

The soothing shades of green represents life, freshness, and harmony.
Shades of green are trending this year as the herbal aspect of nature makes everyday feel like spring. Bright to muted series of green can be used as interior paint color, but combination of two or more shades of green look especially stunning. The combination of sage green and lime green will bloom every corner of your home.

Glow in Sunshine...

Bright shades of yellow can add life to the dull corners of your house. Your room is not only about walls but also furniture, floor, etc. So, select the shades of each element accordingly. Bright shades can be used for kitchen, while muted shades add beauty to a living room or children's room.

Some More Interior Paint Colors of 2019

Charlotte Cosby, Head of creative at Farrow and Ball, says, “Just like fashion, colors work in cycles.” Sometimes, we tend to change our interior color according to the trend, but after 10-20 years we find the same color trending in the market for the next few years.
Some of the best colors announced by renowned paint color brands:
➤ 5 color palettes released by Dunn-Edwards, based on different designs and themes as follows:

1. Extreme Odyssey: Aquatic colors with a contrast of pearl white, camouflage, grayish purple and terracota.
2. City Stroll: This palette includes shades of teal, mango, sangria and dark chocolate.
3. Poetic Passage: This palette supports minimalism with fresh, bright neutral and warm colors. Also, it consists of casual shades of blue and soft pink shade with graphic colors, elegant nude palettes and desaturated colors.
4. Country Caper: This palette includes pairing of colors like fresh, soft, dark, gray hues of green with brown, chalky neutrals, juicy red and pastels.
5. Sojourn: This palette includes most of the comforting colors like pairing primary colors (red, yellow and blue) with olive green, brown and ochre.
➤ Sherwin-Williams revealed 'an earthy hue', Cavern Clay SW 7701, as its Color for the Year, 2019. He also mentions that deep brown or gray would go suitably well the Cavern Clay color.
➤ Considering nature, its beautiful elements, luxury and community, PPG by the Voice of Color declared ‘Night Watch’ (black infused green) as the color for 2019.
As mentioned earlier, always choose only those colors that are trending but you are comfortable with rather than going for only what is trendy. If your taste and the current trends are similar, there is nothing like it.
With a fair idea of the color you want for your interiors, from the palettes that are popular this year, you will be able to do justice to your personal space, and create your own little retreat where you can rejuvenate yourself and slow down your overworked mind.