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Effective Interior Designing Tips for Kitchen for a Renewed Feel

Kashmira Lad Apr 20, 2019
Today, home interiors are a unique blend of class and finesse. However, when it comes to the cookery, the layout has to be functional as well as beautiful. Here are some interior designing tips for the kitchen, that will help you have a well-planned and well-equipped space.
The kitchen is not merely a place to cook. Today, its designs have to encompass a lot more factors. The beauty of the cooking area is not only in its outwardly appearance, but also in the planning.
With the proper division of space, an interior designer has to consider the required area, the position of appliances, and how to make it completely well-equipped in the best possible manner. Therefore, before you approach the designer with your ideas, you must be clear about your requirements and priorities, which would enable you to find the right plan.

Planning the Kitchen

  • You have to first define the position of doors and windows, and their measurements. Try to get some ideas from the architects about the layout.
  • Give a careful consideration to the position of the appliances and cabinets, as the right location would aid you in your daily activities.
  • Also decide in advance, the finish you would require for the cabinets, flooring, walls, and windows.
  • Decide the distribution of light, and also consider how to make the maximum use of natural light.
  • Once you have decided the basics, you can go ahead and think about the color schemes, countertops, and furniture.

Interior Designing Tips for Kitchen

➤ Note down the problems you faced with your earlier kitchen. Was the sink too low or was it the lack of proper space for displaying your crockery? Consider these problems, and try to rectify them in the new design.
➤ The drawers should have a solid base construction, which would help them glide easily. It would be useful to incorporate metal-sided drawers and runners, that have full extensions.

➤ Plan the installation of the plumbing and electrical services in advance. Also, try to retain the original fixtures and fittings so as to save money and time.
➤ Always ensure that you plan the kitchen, considering the natural flow of movement. This would allow you to maintain a comfortable distance when you are cooking, washing, or need to access the cabinets.
➤ Always position the sink, fridge, and the oven/gas in a triangular shape. This would enable you to have a better access to the items, and cook without any wastage of time.

➤ The position of the dishwasher and cooking units should be considered. Having them either on the left or the right side would create a difference in the way you operate.
The sink should be placed near a window, against an outside wall, for better lighting and convenient drainage. The sink, drainage, and the dishwasher form the most important unit in the kitchen, so always ensure you position them first.
➤ The position of the dishwasher should always be near the crockery and cutlery. This would help in faster loading and unloading of the dishwasher. Also, try elevating your dishwasher by 9 to 12 inches, to minimize all the bending.

➤ Dark-colored tiles should be avoided for the counters, as the soap residue would be easily visible and ruin its appearance.
➤ Try to use recessed lighting on specific work areas. You can even try fluorescent lighting above the wall cabinets.

➤ Use some indoor plants to liven up the kitchen.
➤ Use cork flooring, which is good for the feet, and also absorbs sound. Insulating the walls would even help in sound-proofing.

➤ Try to use your sink window as an extension for the countertop.
➤ Use light colors for a small kitchen. This would make it appear larger than it is.

➤ Match the theme with appropriate crockery, trivets, and cutlery that can add to the ambiance.

➤ Ensure that you leave ample space near the fridge and the oven, which would help you in stashing away the items that may not be needed.
Your kitchen should always be practical, useful, and also cheerful. Smart functionality and management of space will help you plan an area that makes the practice of cooking a true delight.