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Interior Decorating Styles That Will Simply Blow Your Mind

Interior Decorating Styles
Do you shy away from throwing parties? Does the thought of having a guest over make you cringe, thanks to the relatively non-existent style that your house seems to reflect? Then it's probably high time that you take a crash course in interior decoration and the various styles that you can use.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2019
You switch on the television and tune into your favorite home makeover show. On a balmy winter afternoon, a family gives their house keys away to a complete stranger. 5 days and several hours of drilling, building, and more importantly shifting and painting later, the family reenters the house. This time there are whoops of joy.
The family has just been gifted their dream house in a style that reflects them. The show comes to an end. You switch off the TV and sigh in hope that someday maybe you will have similar luck and someone will decorate your house. But why depend on unrecognized, unrequited dreams? You just need to do is educate yourself on the various styles and design.
Interior decorating involves anything that has to do with the interiors of a house and its furnishings. If you plan to revamp the decor of your house, you need to keep in mind several attributes that contributes to the design, like the layout, furniture arrangement, color and the theme.
Interior Decoration Styles
"It's a good thing that when God created the rainbow he didn't consult a decorator or he would still be picking colors." - Sam Levenson
While a professional interior decorator will manage to give your house the much-needed pizazz, he will also manage to burn a not very needed hole in your wallet. Different styles of interior decoration can be understood by just anyone. All you need to do is use that locked up imagination and infuse your personal flavor.
There are several interior designing ideas that you could use. Interior decoration can be studied and learned but if you have a slight knack for the creatives then it is a talent that can be nurtured to create a space in your house that you truly love. The following interior decoration styles will be helpful for you to decorate your home.
Art Deco Ambience
Art Decor Bedroom
A style that peaked in the 1920s and 30s, it is characterized by minimalist colors, structures. Sleek, strong lines are a mainstay of this style of interior decorating. Wooden furniture that is used is generally lacquered in black.
White, red, black are the colors that are used the most but dove gray, dull purple, and pale blue are used as well. These colors are often accentuated by the use of steel, aluminum, chrome, glass, mirrors, and white marble. The flooring for this style is generally black or white marble. Lighting is integral with table lamps, wall sconces, and ceiling lights.
Asian Aura
Asian Aura Decor
With cultures that are probably as old as the planet itself, it is no wonder that interior decoration inspired by Asia has become hugely popular. The Asian style of decoration is embodied by simple furnishings and uncluttered areas.
If your life is all about balancing the positive and the negative, the yin and the yang, then Asian or oriental style would definitely appeal to you. Use feng shui to design the space in your home. It is an ancient Chinese art of decorating which uses the flow of energy to decide on the perfect arrangement for the house.
You could use mats and rugs on the floor which forms an integral part of oriental culture. The furnishings should be made of black or brown wood. Bamboo is also a commonly used element.
Contemporary Chic
Contemporary Chic Decor
For a long time contemporary decor was considered to be a very cold style of decorating. It borrowed its foundation from the Art Deco style but designers added to it a dash of comfort. It was then that the popularity of this style soared.
The style is defined by subtlety, simplicity, and geometric shapes. The colors associated with this style are black, white, and neutrals. The floor should be either wooden or tiled. The room will generally have high ceilings and open, huge windows. With such an architecture, it is important that you have a lot of bare space between the furnishings.
Country Charisma
Country Charisma
Also known as English country style, this interior style is all about comfort and functionality. It emphasizes on a balance with nature and is perfect for cottage type houses with gardens. Cottage style decorating works well in towns and villages.
This style uses a lot of warm colors to impart an innate coziness to the house. Wallpapers with floral patterns can be an excellent addition to a house styled in the country style. Furniture used in country style decorating is generally heavy in wood work.
Mediterranean Magic
A combination of decorating styles from Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey, and Northern Africa, the theme depends heavily on a combination of bright colors with white as the base color. The Mediterranean theme works best if you have a house that is ocean/sea-facing.
White plastered walls and brick tiled floors along with simple yet complex wrought iron furnishings create an atmosphere that transports you to Greece or Italy. The rooms are lit with candles and traditional lighting. You could also use exotic plants as a part of the décor.
Victorian Vanity
Victorian Vanity Decoration
The Victorian style of decorating is often associated with excess. Many interior decorators often define the style as one that has been developed from various different styles.
So you will see a touch of the orient and a dash of the Mediterranean mixed with the elegance of the old British charm. Most rooms tend to be slightly masculine with the colors used including shades of browns and reds. Furnishings are decidedly comfortable and lush.
Retro Revisited
Retro Decoration
Is 'Shiny Disco Balls' your favorite song? Well then the retro style is probably a perfect fit for your personality. Retro is all about bold colors and funky furnishings. Go crazy with lava lamps, checkered flooring, and uniquely designed furniture.
It is a mish-mash of several decades, primarily the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. If you want a more modern twist on retro decor, then opt to either have unique furniture or imbibe the pop colors that defined the period. Having both together can create a room that can be a little too loud. Try and tone down the furnishings by using white and black accents.
Interior Decorating Tips
While everyone fancies themselves to be an interior decorator at some point or the other in their life, it is important to understand the basics of the game
  • Interior decorating is a subjective art. Pay attention to your likes and dislikes so that you can express your unique style.
  • While money can buy most things, taste is not for sale. Do not splurge on a piece of furniture that you are going to end up relegating to the garage.
  • Try and stick to a particular theme. Mixing eras or styles is not a great idea unless you are aiming for shabby chic.
  • Interior decoration is not always about style. It also requires functionality.
  • If you have the space, use it. If you are lucky enough to have a good view from your house, then you could probably opt for French windows to draw attention to it.
  • If you own an opulent showpiece or an ornate piece of furniture, make sure that it becomes the central point of attraction in the room.
Interior decoration is a craft, that you need to have a feel for. It can be learned, but try and understand the nuances that form a crucial part of the art. Experiment with various styles, but keep an eye out for reactions from your guests. After all you wouldn't want to be known as the owner of the house that looks like a mismanaged Ikea warehouse.