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Instructions to Install a Towel Bar

Instructions to Install a Towel Bar
Installing a towel bar is not a difficult task. The following DecorDezine article will tell you how to install a towel bar.
Sonu S
Towel on a hanger
A towel bar is one of the essentials in a bathroom. Besides holding a towel, a good towel bar can also be used to embellish your bathroom. If you think that you have the best bath towel, then you would surely want the best bar, won't you? A variety of bars are available in the market, so you might have a tough time choosing the right one. You should choose one that will complement your bathroom.

The way the towel bar looks might be an important factor when you choose the bar, but you should not get carried away, and forget that you are going to install it for a specific purpose. Apart from the style and design, there are 2 things that you should consider while buying a bar:
  • The bar should be strong enough to hold your heavy wet towels.
  • The length of the bar should be such that you can easily fix it in your bathroom.
How to Install a Towel Bar

Once you have the right towel bar, here are the things that you will need to install it:
  • Tape Measure
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Screws
Positioning the Bar
To enhance the utility of a towel bar, it is important to install it at an apt position. Some say that the towel bar should be kept at a certain height from the floor, but I believe that the positioning will purely depend on your convenience. Prefer positions in proximity to the tub, shower or sink. If your bathroom has studs, see that at least one of the mounting plates should be positioned on a stud, this will assist the towel bar in tolerating the weight of the wet towels. After you are done finalizing the position, measure the length of the towel bar, and using this measurement mark the location of the mounting plates on the wall. Use a masking tape to mark the position.

Installing the Mounting Plate
The masking tapes indicate the positions of the mounting plate, take a pencil and mark the drilling spots on those positions. Make sure that the drilling spots are leveled before you proceed. Now, drill holes on the wall. Place the mounting plate on the right location, and fasten it using a screw. If the hole is not on a stud, then you will have to use a toggle bolt. If your wall has ceramic tiles, then you should also use screw anchors.

Fixing the Bar
This is the last part, I am assuming that you have correctly installed the mounting plates at the right locations. Now, you have to fix the towel bar on the mounting plate. If there is some other hardware (posts) to be installed on the mounting plates, then install them first. Once you are done, fasten the bar on the posts, using screws (these screws are generally included with the bar). You are done!

Some towel bars come with all the screws and the screw anchors that you will need to install the bar, but they might lack quality. So, I advise you to inspect them properly before you use them. If you are not satisfied with the quality, get the screws and the screw anchors from a home improvement store. You should be careful while drilling, wear protective eye gear. When you are drilling ceramic tiles, see that you do not damage the tiles, it is better that you drill on the grout line.

It is very important to check whether the towel bar is installed properly. So, yank the towel bar after you are done installing it. If you feel that it is not tight, find out where the problem (it might be a loose screw) lies, and fix it. If you follow the steps mentioned above accurately, then you will not have any problems.