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Instructions for Installing Plantation Shutters

Instructions for Installing Plantation Shutters
Plantation shutters serve to be the regulators of natural light and air, installed on the interior segment of the window. Step-by-step instructions are provided herein, to aid you install plantation shutters.
Azmin Taraporewala
Window treatment installer carrying plantation shutters
Plantation shutters are an interesting inclusion to be installed on the insides of the window in place of blinds. With these shutters installed, you are free to open, and close them as per your preferences. These shutters are designed in such a manner that it allows light to pour in as per your requirement, thereby also providing you the liberty to regulate the free-flow of air.
Plantation shutters, also referred to as jalousies or louvers, are available at the local home grooming store at an affordable range of pricing. You have a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to choose from. Plantation shutters borrow their identity from the concept that was followed by many plantation blocks who used these shutters to maintain the interior temperature thereby regulating the flow of air and light.
Plantation shutters may have a variety of designs. Original plantation shutter plans had a rod affixed in the middle of the group of shutters. This rod is thus used to regulate the window. Plantation shutters may be completely hinged so that they can be opened fully. Some shutters are hinged into sections so that one may slide or fold the sections totally or partially as per the preference. You may also choose from a variety of calf-style shutters that do not rise above a level, however they do not obstruct the outside view. They may also be fabricated according to your window requirements. Jalousies can be custom-made for windows that have peculiar shapes and designs.
How to Install Plantation Shutters
Installing plantations shutters should not be termed as a task as they are prefabricated and factory hinged. The holes where the screws have to be wound through are also fabricated for convenience of installation. Here is what you need to do.
Appropriate Measurements
Before buying window shutters from a home decor store, make sure that you have the window measurements ready with you. Consider a horizontal measurement from the top, middle and bottom of the window. Always consider the measurement that is largest. Now measure the length of the windowsill. Consider the center of the windowsill with the measuring tape and mark the spot with a pencil blot.
Decide on the Mounts
You need to decide on the mounts that have to be installed on the interiors of the window. Next, you need to think about the exterior mounts. At this point, you would require a wood shim which will aid the shutter to stay in position. Drill holes in the shutters with a 1/8 inch drill bit. However, with the recent advancements, the screw holes are pre-drilled and ready for the screws to be wound in.
Positioning the Shutters
After the mounting strips have been placed, have a close look at the alignment of the same. After you find that the arrangements are in accordance with perfection, add the left side set of the shutters. After you are done setting one side of it, take a good look at it. When you are satisfied with your masonry, thumbs up! Move on. Secure the shutters by checking on the screws.
Place Screw Covers
Place screw covers over the wound up screws. Place the cover into the screw case and to ensure it is secured, hammer the screw covers lightly, preferably by covering the covers with a hand towel.
Final Touches
You are free to add plush knobs to the shutters and affix magnetic clamps on the windowsill so that the shutters can be shut tightly. You may go ahead and color your windows with the color of your choice or you may leave it virgin white. Keep in mind that the shutters - if they are to be painted - must have the outsides painted first, gradually moving toward the insides. However, a gap between the installation and the painting sessions should be considerably of a few days.
With your plantation shutters installed, you are now free to regulate air, and light into your dwelling at your own whims and fancies!