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Easy Steps for Installing Drop Ceiling Lights

Rutuja Jathar Oct 23, 2018
What is a drop ceiling? It is a secondary ceiling that is added to your original one, decorating the interior. Also known as false ceilings, they can be further beautified by installing drop ceiling lights.
A drop ceiling, also known as a false ceiling or a suspended ceiling, is actually a secondary component that is hung underneath the primary structural ceiling. A drop ceiling is basically the invention of contemporary architecture.
People install drop ceilings in order to provide a modern look to the decor as they usually gel with almost any environment such as an office, a cozy living room, bedroom, or even a spacious patio.
The light fixtures for a drop ceiling are available in a wide range but installing them can create some issues, if you don't have a clear idea about the lights you must install.

Drop Ceiling Lighting

Drop ceiling lights are actually easy to install, just like normal lights. All that one has to do is to decide upon where and how many lights are required for the drop ceiling. Normally the lights look their best when installed in the middle of a room.
One important thing to remember here is that the number, as well as the location of the lights in the false ceiling depends upon the size of the room itself. One can also consider chandelier or recessed lights in a drop ceiling, as they provide a classy look to it, thus making the room look attractive.
You will be able to find quite a decent variety of drop ceiling lighting panels available in stores that cater to home improvement.
Such drop ceiling lighting panels available in a variety of types and patterns would also include halogen or crystal LED lights, both of which are equally, if not more, popular, and they can render a magical ambiance to any room.
Such lights come with a special remote control, hence, they work according to your mood. This way you can dim or brighten up the lights (it renders a beautiful and modern look to a room).
Plain and subtle light fixtures are ideal if you want to lighten up places like your cabinet, or for that matter, the walkway of a hospital. Choosing the right type and right color of the lights for a room is work that's almost half done. It's only the installation that remains.

How to Install Drop Ceiling Lights

To install the lights all that you need is measuring tape, a drywall saw, wire nuts, and lights, along with electrical wires. Before proceeding, make sure that all the mains are off and there is no electricity flowing through the house.

Step 1:

Most drop ceilings are just fitted into place without the need for nuts and bolts, so you shouldn't have any problem lifting the respective tile panel that you want the drop ceiling lighting fixture fitted into. Before you lift the panel, measure and mark the location of the lights while the panel is still in place.

Step 2:

Place the housing of the drop ceiling light onto the ceiling tile and draw a boundary line touching the base of the housing to get the accurate size of the hole. Align the lighting as per the other lights so that it doesn't look out of place. Then cut out the hole with the drywall. Be careful if the opening is large, the fixture may not fit properly.

Step 3:

Install the light housing into the hole and fix it with the clips that are a part of the lights, or, with the help of brackets. To make this step easier, slide open an adjacent tile so that after you fix the drop ceiling panel and light into place, you have the space to attach the connection to a nearby electrical socket, or make adjustments if need be.
Try to get as much information as you can on the wiring, because you don't want to be tripping the circuits, or for that matter endangering yourself.


Find out Load Bearing capacity of drop ceiling if lighting fixture not suspended from primary ceiling.
This is how you can install any number of lighting fixtures you want. Light fixtures when installed according to the atmosphere and the mood of the room, provide a royal look to the drop ceiling. The next time you go to your nearby home improvement store, don't forget to check out some trendy lights for your drop ceiling!