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Ideas for Remodeling Stairs

Ideas for Remodeling Stairs
Are you planning an interior staircase remodeling project? Here are some beautiful ideas on remodeling the staircase, to give a fresh and well-finished look to that dull structure. Explore your creativity and checkout an array of options that can spruce up your interior stairs.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Mar 18, 2019
Staircase remodeling can be an exciting project. With various options available for the same, you can give an entirely new look to the staircase, or choose to just softly play up the existing design by the addition of new elements. If you have an old and dull looking staircase, or the same is damaged, then refurbishing it is a good idea.
This will not only give a fresh look to the staircase, but also add beauty to the rest of the area. Let us have a look at some interesting ideas for remodeling stairs in the following sections, which can give a refreshed look to the space.
Ideas and Designs
Wood To Glass
Glass stairs with metal handrails seen from below
Changing the design of interior staircases can be a huge project. If the interior staircase is made of wood, you can consider giving it a complete makeover by converting the same into a glass staircase.
With steps made of thick and premium quality glass, and metal rods used as a supporting structure, you will have a plush staircase gracing the interiors.
Add one of the various types of glass balusters, which can be supported and finished with metal newel posts.
worker install the stone plates on the stairs
Wrought iron newel posts and supporting rods make a nice match for darker shades of glass. Pick a clear glass, frosted glass, or one of the decorative glass types. The choice is yours!
Change the Railings
Making the staircase look new is the basic idea, no matter if you change the entire structure or just one of the primary elements. If the balusters are made of wood, you can change them to glass. Use wooden rods as supporting structures. You can keep the wooden newel posts as they are and just refinish them or remove them, and install new wooden newel posts.
wrought iron
A mix of glass and wood definitely looks classy. Another idea is to replace the wooden balusters with decorative wrought iron railing rods.
There are plenty of designs available in wrought iron section, which can make perfect railings. A simple, yet beautiful idea is to add small coiled or spiral designs in between two wooden railing rods.
Add this to alternate pairs of rods. Simply adding such designer wrought iron pieces in between existing baluster rods is sure to spice up the entire structure. Of course, refinishing, which includes painting and polishing the stairs, posts and railing, needs no mention.
Staircase Refinishing
Though you do not make any structural changes while refinishing the stairs, most of the time, it alone is enough to jazz up the beauty of your staircase. Refinishing includes re-painting the staircase in fresh colors. If the same had a natural finish, then you can choose to polish the rods and steps in your choice of shade of wooden polish, or paint them.
Further, clean and polish the stairs if they are made of wood. Adding a rich textured carpet runner is the perfect way to give your staircase a grand finish. Refinishing is also essential to be done while you change the design or structure of the staircase.
With proper planning and implementation of aforementioned ideas, you are sure to be surprised to see the final result. The newly remodeled and refinished staircase will instantly glamorize your interior space.
With the right choice of materials and designs, and perfect combos of materials which can blend will with each other, staircase remodeling can be an exciting project to work upon. All you need to do is browse through a lot of designs and hire the best professionals, who can nicely convert your remodeling ideas into reality.